2016 - Sabbat - Adam Sartori

Applicant Name:
Adam Sartori
Applicant Email: Home Chronicle:

Introduction and Background:

I built this Sect.  I built this Sect.  I Built this sect on Rock and Roll.

I always wanted to to do that.

Hello once again everyone!  It is I, Adam, your Sabbat Coordinator once again humbly coming before you to ask you elect me once more to the position of Sabbat Coordinator.  Can you all believe it’s been six years?  That’s crazy!  So once more into the break again my friends.  I was just going to copy my application from previous years, but let’s keep it fun!  That is the point of all this after all. However before we get to that…I’m going to paste some stuff from a previous application…

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Adam Sartori and I am the current Sabbat Coordinator for OWbN and am seeking re-election.  I have been playing One World by Night since I was the wee young age of 13 (back before STs realized how terrible an idea it was to let 13 year olds play Vampire: The Masquerade.)  My first game was East of the River, run by D Scott (former head coordinator).  Since that time I have been play actively in this org and have held many positions, as one can see from my administrative experience.


In my daily life I work for Customer service in the financial industry (still do this job).  See I am well versed on how to treat people diplomatically and with courtesy…as well its my daily job to do so.  We do however need to remember from time to time that this a game and a hobby we all love.  Too often we take ourselves a bit too seriously and should remember this.  I often try to do this by being comedic and jovial whenever I can.

Now that is out of the way let’s get to the good stuff shall we?



Administrative Experience:

Former ST of Hartford by Night 2001-2002, Former ST of Boston: the Midnight Ride 2004-2006, Former ST of Lords of New England 2006-2008, Court of Storms ST and Council rep 2009-2010, Former Kings of New York HST 2008-2009, Kings of New York ST 2010-2011, Kings of New York HST 2011-current, Dark Colony: Hartford HST 2010-2012, Dark Colony: Hartford CM 2010-current, North East Sabbat Subcoord 2007-2010, Sabbat Coordinator 2010-current, Storyteller for the Grand Masquerade in New Orleans 2010&2011, and Sabbat ST for New York City Palla Grande 2009, 2010, and 2012.  Sabbat Midwinter 2013 ST.  Nonclave 2013 Sabbat ST, Boston: Cradle of Liberty ST 2014-2015, Ecumenical Council Event ST 2013-2014. Boston Cradle of Liberty HST 2015-Current, Boston: How of Revolution: 2015-Current, Dark Colony: Hartford ST 2016-Current

Personal Statement:

Well as usual Team Sabbat has had a busy year.  I basically followed what I promised in my previous year application.  Which usually lays out my game plan for the year and the overall agenda of the Team,  And as always the progress of Team Sabbat can be followed by anyone who reads the Team Sabbat blog (http://sabbat.owbn.net/blog/).  I will however recap what the heck we did over the past term.  

The Sabbat Civil War ended...by players at an amazing Ecumenical Council 3 event.  That was a huge endeavor for myself and the Team as a whole.  It required a lot off coordination time and work.  I like to think the payoff was worth it.  The PCs made all the choices and they decided the course of the plot.  I’m pretty happy looking back on it now how it turned out.

As promised myself and the Team Revised, propped, and passed an updated Sabbat Faction Packet.  Another labor of love as usual, but I am proud to say it will be the last one.  I think we really knocked it out of the park and nailed down the nuances the packet needed.  I have no plans on any further updates besides maybe typos.  As far as I am concerned it’s the last “edition” of the Sabbat Faction Packet I will be doing.

After the Civil War plot we wanted a bit off cool of period for the Sabbat games.  Too let things settle a little bit and the sect to start to really rebuild from the ground up. After the plot wrapped we didn’t run or do any major plots for the entire org. We instead wanted to focus on the grass roots.  We wanted to help the games tell their stories and help them well coordinate.  I am happy to see we spent a lot of time doing this in the past term.  I think we have really started to get the games more connected and supported then every before with whatever they may need.  As part of this plan we started promoting and supporting PCs to greater roles.  We opened up Faction Leaders to PCs, and have even started promoting some to those positions.

So what do I have planned for the next term?  Check out the goals below!

I am sincerely grateful you all have let be Sabbat Coordinator for this long.  I like to think I have been helpful to the org and given a bit back for everything it has given me.  I give my all at this job, and I like to think you all recognize that, and thats why you keep electing me.  So I hope you all will vote for me once again as you Sabbat Cordinator and elect me to a sixth term!

My thanks to you all,

~Adam Sartori

My goals for the next term are below, but before we do…as always a Tony Stark Quote 

[Adam tries to lift the Mjölnir]

Adam: If I lift it, do I get to rule Asgard?

Gangrel Coord: Yes, of course.

Adam: I will be fair, but firmly cruel.

Gangrel Coord: No, I'm sure.



So whats on the Agenda this coming term!  Well lets take a look!

  • Status Packet:  We are currently take a hard look at the current status packet too see whats working and what isn't.  We sent form out to the players for their feedback.  Our plan is review all that look at the packet and see if we can make it better.  Its been several years since we last looked at that packet.  Its time so how its been playing out how we can make it better for games to use.
  • Plot:  Myself, several STs and Coordinators are working on another plot.  I'm pretty excitied about this one!  As always we take everything we have learned over the years and apply it our furute endeavours.  Meaning they only get better and better!  Look for it to hit a council near you soon!
  • Website:  My god does it need an update...I'm terrible at coding...Anyone know a good coder?  I will still continue to look for someone to help me this to the best of ability and get it done.
  • Response Time:  I still have one of, if not THE fastest response time of coordinators.  I'm failry proud of that and will continue that policy.  In addition my subcoords have a 3 day reply time requiriment.  So if they aren't replying....google probably eat it and you should bump it again.
  • Game Support:  This will continue to be a top priority.  We want to help games coordinate more and promote more PCs into taking leadership roles.  The more we can give to the PCs the more power they have have on the game we play.  It also means less work for us.  
  • Blogs:  Yea those won't be going away.
  • Ecumenical Council 4:  Wow I can't believe this will be the fourth one already!  They keep just getting bigger each year!  As always I will continue to promote and work on this event to make it the best event game in the org I can make it!