2016 - Ravnos - William Lee

Applicant Name:
William Lee
Applicant Email: Home Chronicle:

Introduction and Background:

Hi my name is William and I have been a player in OWBN for around 10 years. I have played several national characters including my most recent one of Hazzan Marwan. Other then vampire I have also played werewolf, mage and a great many of tabletop games that keeps me immersed in way to many cannon and genre books. I have helped and worked on way to many OWBN packets, and bylaw updates.

Personally I live in the Southeast, and currently frequen the Florida and Georgia games, but hit up several events a year (that rotate based on work lately). I have the fortune of having a desk job, so I usually have a pretty awesome response time.

Administrative Experience:

Ravnos Coord 2013-Present

Setite Subcoord(Interm Coord for a month, Priests/Warriors) 2012-Present

Assamite Subcoord (Magic, Southeast and Warrior) 2010-2012

Wraith Subcoord 2011-2012

Brujah Subcoord (Southeast) 2010-2011

Sabbat Subcoord (Status Quo/Jati) 2014-Present

Giovanni Subcoord (Southeast) 2014-Present 

Tampa: UNC HST 2009-2011

Tampa: UNC AST/CM 2007-2009

St Pete: FoC AST 2009-2010

AAD HST: 2012-2013

AAD AST/CM 2012-2013


Personal Statement:

I personally enjoy the current Ravnos players because they are both very active and very eager. I run national and local plots constantly, and most of them dive right in. I believe its my role as coord to both oversee the genre and to also help local games/events make stories and plots for their players. Because of this I average 2 national plots a year, and at least one event plot. Anytime I can I try to help make OWBN a more fun enivornment, and as we evolve into new systems I hope to keep making new content for the old world system to keep things fresh and new.


-Finish the new Ravnos packet that will include a revamped Rom section, updated Sadhana rarites (which will be mirrored by team Set), and American sections

-Finish the Jati vs the world plot and focus more attention on the American Ravnos

-Help the anti be more then just people waiting to be Rom or Indian and actually embrace what their are via existing cannon NPCs

-Help bring in the non Ravnos Rom via plots and future props (also plot based)

-Finish converting 1st ed material that is currently badly implemented 

-Work with the Anarch coord to help the American Ravnos actually have a home

-Torment local chronicles