2015 - Ventrue - Brian Orlando

Applicant Name:
Brian Orlando
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Introduction and Background:

My name is Brian Orlando, and I am OWbN’s Ventrue Coordinator. Since taking the office in November 2011, I have fully revised and improved Clan Ventrue’s resources as well as developed its assets. With your vote, I would like to continue this positive momentum into the coming year.


This year will see less regulation overall and more of a push to place player-characters into roles of leadership and responsibility. I would like to emphasise that working together is the Clan’s advantage and will do everything I can to ensure that players continue to network to achieve success. Additionally, the higher-levels of the Directorate and most every Society/Order will be getting an infusion of new player-characters and I will focus more on developing relationships with Storytelling teams in order to keep the Ventrue network strong.


I enjoy being Ventrue Coord because I believe that characters with political acumen and who are strong leaders are the heart and soul of the Masquerade game.

Administrative Experience:

Here are some org positions I hold:

  • Ventrue Coordinator since November 2011
  • HST for the Tampa Chronicle for over 8 years
  • CM for the Tampa Chronicle for over 6 years
  • Assamite Sorcery Sub-Coord since 2010
  • Sabbat Sub-Coord since 2010

In my personal life, I hold a Bachelors in Information Systems, work in Software Development. In my professional career, I am called on to develop and test solutions to fit a particular need on a daily basis. Professionalism, as well as communication skills, both written, and in public-speaking, are paramount.

Personal Statement:

Clan Ventrue has come a long way in a very short period of time under my tenure as Ventrue Coordinator. Our genre documents and materials are now much more closely aligned with the materials presented by White Wolf while at the same time, they integrate One World’s evolution. Team-Ventrue has resources that now fully support both the Antitribu and Anarch sides of the Clan, and going forward, I would like to promote a culture of Ventrue supporting each other quickly, fully, and without question (e.g. succor).


In closing, I want to do everything I can to help make playing Ventrue fun, interesting, and engaging. I have delivered on the majority of my campaign promises from last term and am prepared to continue delivering for as long as One World will keep me on!


As with previous applications, if re-elected I will use the following goals as a checklist. This year, I look forward to accomplishing the following:

  1. Response times need to stay down, issues and questions are usually completely resolved in a matter of days. This goes for my Sub-Coords as well - if you are having a hard time getting responses, all you have to do is let me know.

  1. I will be looking to well-established and active Ventrue to fill high-level leadership roles in the Directorate (and in the Societies/Orders) in order to strongly emphasise the support that the Directorate is capable of. The best way to do this is to put this power into the player-character’s hands so they can directly showcase the power of the Ventrue networking elite.

  1. For the Directorate, more direction will be coming down from the shadowy Executives (“the Directorate” or Ephors) and though I do not plan on revealing any of their identities, I do plan on opening some channels of regular correspondence with characters so that directives can be passed quickly and effortlessly.

  1. My vision for Societies/Orders is that they should be a quick tie-in to get newer characters “connected” to the global game quickly. This year, I have observed a significant slowdown of in-character activity and I have already moved to lower the regulation of about half of the Societies/Orders in order to curb this. My eventual goal would be to keep seeking out ways to deregulate and to have an available/declared PC “recruiter” for each group with entry qualifications higher than just simple Notification.

  1. Inclusion of the new materials in Genre documents, where necessary. This item mainly involves research and analysis of what needs to be supported but is extremely important to ensure that all segments of our shared universe are accounted for in the genre.

  1. The regulation levels of the Antitribu Orders were a huge step toward establishing a more defined global identity for the Ventrue-Antitribu. Next year, I’m going to start publicizing and loaning out the NPC Regional authority of those groups in the hopes that Storytellers will use them to start building on this identity.

  1. I will also continue pushing the portrayal of various important Ventrue NPCs at events and games (and online) whenever the opportunity arises. After 3 years, I finally feel that (some) player-characters are starting to develop relationships with these important NPCs. If we continue and even create more, hopefully this cadre of genre-important NPCs (Sect, Society/Order, Directorate, etc) will become a strong force for directing and guiding Ventrue genre..

  1. I am going to push for those with Higher levels of Clan Prestige to set the bar for others to follow while adjusting the levels of Clan Prestige as characters rise and fall out of favor. This will have two effects. First, it will help us understand WHY those with high levels of Clan Prestige have those high levels and second, it will help set the bar of excellence for those with lesser levels of prestige to strive to come up to!

  1. I will continue to push forward any story that helps develop Lucinde as a hunter/killer of Camarilla criminals.

  1. Research, Development, and Ongoing Activities

  • Continue to add support NPCs to the Coord “toolbox” in the form of Lineage Reviews, Old-World Princes, Primogen, Regional Strategoi and Praetors, Society members, and other Elders
  • Push for all characters in the current list to have a detailed Wiki page entry
  • Continue to integrate the known canon Antitribu and Anarch Ventrue into the listing
  • Continue to add to the free Acknowledgement listing so people may have more tie-ins with Ventrue

Goals (Portuguese):