2015 - Salubri - Kat F

Applicant Name:
Kat F
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Introduction and Background:

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Kat, and I am the current Salubri Coordinator. I stepped into the position a year ago, having elected to run for Salubri Coordinator after having talked with a good chunk of the active Salubri Anti playerbase  to see what they wanted from their Coord. For the most part, I have enjoyed working with the playerbase and their STs over the past year, and that is something I would like to continue doing.

I have been involved with OWbN since 2003, when my friends dragged me to the now defunct HVbN game, which ran out of Bard College. I have mostly played in the North East, having lived in NY, and then CT until this past August, when I moved down to MD. I have served as an ST several times over, Narrator, CM, Subcoordinator, and now Coordinator.

Outside of OWbN, I have been playing tabletops since the mid 90s, including pretty much everything from AD&D to GURPS to Iron Kingdoms, and have played and staffed many indy larps over the past decade and change.  In my professional life, I’ve had a great deal of experience working both as a rank and file member of a team and as a manager, as well as having excellent skills with organization.  I've never had a job where I wasn't dealing with people on a daily basis, whether it be in person, on the phone, or over email, and it is something I enjoy more often than not.

All the jobs I've held have required me to stay on the ball and respond to inquiries in a timely manner, as well they've required me to maintain detailed records and to adhere to a multitude of privacy laws to protect client information.  All these skills I would continue to utilise in my role as Salubri Coordinator.

Administrative Experience:

ST Boston: Cradle of Liberty 2008-2009
HST Boston Cradle of Liberty: 2010-2011
CM Boston Cradle of Liberty: 2009-2011

Inquisition Subcoord: 2010-2011

HST Westchester by Night: 2012-2014
CM Westchester by Night: 2012-2014
ST: Westchester by Night: 2012, 2014-Current

Narrator: Steel Valley by Night: 2014-Current

Membership Subcoord: Mid-Atlantic: 2015

Salubri Coordinator 2014-Current

Personal Statement:

As mentioned above, I got my start back in 2003 in a sadly now defunct game.  The friends I had made through an Exalted tabletop (which I stumbled into accidentally to begin with) spent about two months every Wednesday trying to talk me into dressing up and pretending to be a Vampire.  It may sound cheesy, but I'm glad they persisted, because of the friends that I would likely have never met otherwise.  I've met some of my closest friends through OWbN, and that is what keeps me invested, even when I get frustrated and consider stepping away.  I love being able to tell stories and to participate in the stories being told.  I think we have a very rich history in our Org, much of which has been player driven.  We have a large number of highly creative individuals who invest a great deal of time and passion into this hobby.

In spite of having moved to MD, I’ve remained on staff in Stamford (formerly Westchester) to help out with administrative duties and help pitch ideas for plots and story progression for the game. I stepped up as a Narrator for Steel Valley, and have been helping out the staff there as needed with a variety of tasks.

In my position as Coord, I have tried to work with both STs and the playerbase to help push the genre forward, incorporating goals and projects that PCs have been working on and pushing for into the overall genre of the Clan. I believe as a Coordinator the primary job is to offer support to STs and players, to help provide direction for the genre of a Clan, and to ensure that the Clan’s genre is upheld and maintained. To a lesser extent, I also believe at times providing plot that is accessible to players, but not required for them to be involved in, is also part and parcel of being a Coordinator.


Goals Accomplished in 2014 Term

  • Clean up of the Salubri and Salubri Anti Bylaws. A lot of things were mentioned in multiple locations, referred folks to a packet that required log-in to view, or were simply unclear. This also included closing some loopholes, and adding Notification to Combos/Discipline techniques utilising Valeren and Obeah so those could be tracked.
  • New Packet. A good portion of my term was spent on the New Salubri Anti/Saubri Packet.
  • Revising the Choir and generating interest in the group. We have pulled in several new PCs and have fleshed out the upper rank (Cherubim) of NPCs within the Choir, and have started to introduce them to the playerbase. We are also working on getting the PCs who are active and fulfilling the duties they have moved up in rank to promote more PC leadership within the Clan.
  • The School: a joint project with the Assamite Coord. I was able to get two pieces of territory propped and passed, and have introduced the School to the SAT playerbase at Midwinter. This was a project undertaken by PCs over the past couple of years, and it is now written up in full detail in the SAT packet, and also has a write up in the Assamite genre packet.
  • Adonai’s Disgrace: We have made some significant alterations to this Flaw, again as part of seeking to move the genre forward. We have also started to introduce some NPCs with viewpoints that differ from Adonai and those who are of a very militant mindset.
  • Picking up of plots that I was made aware of happened, including PCs looking to track down the Lioness of Jerusalem. I was able to work with the players involved, their STs as needed, and the HST of the Jerusalem chronicle to ensure that their game and territory was respected and to also ensure that the players were able to pursue their goals.
  • Adonai has been brought back in line with previous portrayals of him and with what little has been written about him in canon. Trust is being rebuilt between him and the PCs, and he is once again providing insight and direction for the Clan as far as moving forward and goals. Again, this has been slow progress, but things are beginning to move forward again.
  • The results of the census are still being gone over, but having that information will be very helpful going forward with the Clan and having a better idea of what is in play and what needs more guidance and help.


Goals for the 2015 Term

  • Continuing to develop the Choir and pushing for more PC driven leadership within it. There are a few PCs who have been involved with the Clan on a regional level as far as providing direction and leadership to newer PCs. Ultimately the goal with the Choir is for it to be a resource to PCs and for it to provide a source of internal politics within the Clan as it is developed further
  • The rift between those who are interested in the history and restoring the Clan to what it once was in regards to Healers and Warriors, and those who choose to reject the old ways as having failed their parent Clan.
  • The Watchers. There have been a few ideas as to who/what they were that have been provided by NPCs, and there are some PCs interested in tracking down more information.
  • The Fallen Angels. This was something that I was not able to truly touch on in this term, but do have a plot ready to go with this as well, and much like the above, will give the chance for the Salubri Antitribu to uncover history of their Clan..
  • Independents within the Salubri Antitribu. With the PCs who have been pursuing Blooding by the Code, this is a possibility that I see on the horizon for the Antitribu. As is written in the Packet, Blooding by the Code is not wholly compatible with the Sabbat in the long run. Leaving the Sabbat and going Independent may also be a direction PCs with Adonai’s Disgrace want to move toward with the change to their Flaw. If PCs choose to go down this road, it is something that I am willing to work on. I have had discussions in the past with the Sabbat Coord about any Salubri Antitribu PCs who look toward rejecting the Sabbat and truly taking to the history of their Clan.
  • Line item edits to the Packet. As things change and evolve, making minor changes to the Packet as needed to keep it up to date and current.
  • Response times to under a week. This is something we have struggled with at times, my goal is to keep a quick turnaround time for the coming term, including for online scenes.