2014 - Lasombra - Daniel M.

Applicant Name:
Daniel M.
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Introduction and Background:

I would like to serve again as Lasombra Coord in order to maintain continuity with previous terms, and continue to balance focus between the sabbat and non-sabbat members of Clan Lasombra.  I had previously served as Lasombra Coord from 2010 - 2012, and have served this last year as a primary point of contact and respondent for the Herald's Office.   I have been a player in this org for over fifteen years having started back in East of the River and Hartford by night long long ago, and have been playing ever since including sabbat since 2001, garou since 99, and have been involved in OWBN mage for the last year.

I understand the administrative burden that being a coord has and also understand the frustration with slow response times as player. I believe in the value of both genre and story, and would like to see individual PC's thrive in a genre appropriate setting for Clan Lasombra. Joan has established an excellent framework by which LAT applications are reviewed, Abyss mysticism is approved and ensuring a balance between the various types of lasombra so no one group becomes overly populous.

Administrative Experience:

I have served multiple times throughout my history in the org as CM, HST, and Coordinator. Positions held within OWBN:

Narrator Capital Rage, Stafford VA 2002-2004

Narrator, Philly Garou 2003-2004

Garou Venue Storyteller City of Springs 2006-2011

City of Springs HST and Council Rep 2007- 2011

Lasombra Coordinator 2010-2011

Narrator, Dogs of War 2013-Present

Lasombra Herald Subcoord 2013-Present

Personal Statement:

I am a firm believer in what some would consider a flawed philosophy. "Do not Coord for the clan you love". This was something I said in my last tenure and is something I believe that coords as a whole should examine. If you love the clan you coord for, too often one finds themselves blinded to the inabilities/or inherent weaknesses of their clan. Clan Lasombra is powerful, exacting and demanding. From an IC perspective, the Lasombra should have backgrounds that reflect the elite requirements that the clan has, otherwise their sires would not have embraced them.  This is something I look for in backgrounds for both the Lasombra and LAT.  The Lasombra should be played as if they are being held to a higher standard because by genre, they ARE held to a higher standard and those who fail to meet the standard should have repercussions.


1 Response time:  So often coords let things linger rather than responding with "I have received this and will respond later". That simple acknowledgement of receipt is so much more beneficial to players and the org's volunteers.  I wish to ensure that a response is given, and that action is being taken if not an immediate IC/OOC response is given.  Further, communication will continue as any scene or issue progresses, so everyone can be on the same page.  It may take time to resolve some situations, however I do not want  a players, their STs, or a fellow coord, feeling like they have been left hanging.  I believe that kills interest in the game and drives players to isolation.

2. Assist and support the lasombra pcs who take the role of Bishop/Archbishop. Too often I hear  Lasombra pcs who want to go black hand or Inquisition because that is the prestige class of OWBN Sabbat, same as archon was for the longest time on the cam side.  They should desire leadership, as any self respecting Lasombra would.  I would like to see longstanding Archbishops rewarded much the same as Princes are, though modified to be appropriate to the sabbat. Even the Traitor Prince was held in high esteem for his centuries of holding Milan until he flipped sides.  The same should be for American Lasombra, and those who "Quit" being Bishops/Archbishops should feel the same wrath as those who quit being prince. This is an admission of failure and weakness in a clan of leaders.

3.  I would like to provied support to Lasombra pcs is ensure that the trademarks of Clan Lasombra are a tool that only clan Lasombra can teach. It has been brought to my attention by players that this has not been the case, and that non-Lasombra are able to teach combination disciplines that are inherent to the Clan.  There has been discussion that most of the obtenberation combination disciplines are not being bartered through Clan lasombra. Too implement this,  I intend to first start by taking a census of all combination disciplines that involve obtenebration (minus tenebrous veil which is currently regulated by the Anarch coord,) and identify who has been teaching them.  Upon the evaluation of this census I shall then make a determination whether to modify the R&U or if the situation is more perception than reality and continue with the status quo.


4 For the LAT my plan is to be a resource to ensure they are not exploited for obtenebration. Too often young LAT who are in the fostering years are targeted by coteries, individual power groups etc to be their source of obtenebration. By providing the political muscle for them, this will prevent the spread of obtenebration in the Camarilla as well as reestablish that LAT are a political force to be reckoned with and not bullied about. This does not mean elders swooping in to save their young buts but allowing them access to mentoring and development which will ensure that down the road they are in a position not to be targeted and such ideas are off the table before any discussions happen.

5. Finally for this year I plan to finalize a Les Amis Noir genre document on standards for invitations, the process of calling a court of blood and faciliate these when players request them. Lasombra should not kill Lasombra without one of these minus sabbat Lasombra targeting Lasombra Antitribu that is part of their clan disadvantage. Before the call for Monomancy or back room beating, the proper channels should be adhered to.


6 And as always maintain that Church is greater than Pirate.