Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Springfield, OH - USA, Ohio Knights Sabbat

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort descending
[Opinion Poll] Remove Custom Content Database 27-Sep-2017 07-Sep-2017 Remove all player custom content
[Proposal][Bylaw] Addition of Geomancy 15-Nov-2018 08-Nov-2018 Abstain
Territory Claim - Tremere 05-Nov-2011 29-Oct-2011 Abstain
[Proposal] Removal of story/plot props from Council 11-Jul-2015 04-Jul-2015 Abstain
[Proposal] Organizing Voting Timeframes 11-Jul-2015 04-Jul-2015 Abstain
Use of Onyx Path Material 05-Jan-2015 29-Dec-2014 Abstain
Head Coordinator Election 2012 27-Feb-2012 21-Feb-2012 Abstain
[PROPOSAL] OWbN as a Non-Profit Organization 19-Aug-2015 12-Aug-2015 Abstain
Officially transition disciplinary reporting from Archivist Report to OWBN website 15-Jan-2015 08-Jan-2015 Abstain
Hosting List and Emails Financial Vote 02-Aug-2011 26-Jul-2011 Abstain