Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Columbus, OH - USA, Wyld Prophets

Proposal Name Closing Datesort ascending Opening Date CM Vote
[Proposal][Bylaw]Bump bump pass 18-Oct-2018 11-Oct-2018 No vote submitted
[PROPOSAL][AUTO-PASS] Change to Clan Friendship 17-Oct-2018 16-Oct-2018 No vote submitted
[Proposal][R&U] Fomorian Lore Regulation 12-Oct-2018 05-Oct-2018 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Bylaw Change: Clarifying Authority of Sub-Coordinators Regarding R&U Items 01-Oct-2018 24-Sep-2018 No vote submitted
[Proposal] 5th Edition Ban - 15 September, 2018 29-Sep-2018 22-Sep-2018 No vote submitted
[Proposal][Bylaw]Clarification on Controlled Items Bylaw 14-Sep-2018 13-Sep-2018 No vote submitted
[POLL] Canon NPCs 07-Sep-2018 24-Aug-2018 No vote submitted
[Proposal][Autopass][No Grandfathering][Objection] Restriction of Immunity Merit (Mage merit) 03-Sep-2018 27-Aug-2018 No vote submitted
[Proposal][Infernalism genre Packet] and [Bylaw Amendments amended] [Objection] 27-Aug-2018 20-Aug-2018 Against
[Proposal] [Amendment] Change to Custom Content Notification, Bylaw 7.b.ii 15-Aug-2018 08-Aug-2018 No vote submitted