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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 24-Sep-2017 11:55PM EDT
Closing: 25-Sep-2017 11:55PM EDT

Pursuant to Coordinator bylaw 3.C.iii, I, Eric Lya-fairy-person, in my duties as changeling coordinator propose the following:
  Beginning January 1st, 2018, OWbN will move to adopt the Changeling 20th anniversary mechanics, as appropriately translated from tabletop, as the primary source for changeling mechanics in org as related to arts, realms, and other supernatural powers of changeling, but excluding mundane items such as traits, abilities and tempers. 

   The primary document will be an official set of translations for those mechanics published in a packet by the changeling office, to be ratified by council. While the packet will be binding as a baseline, in the same manner as The Shining Host and the Shining Host: Player's Guide currently are, house rules may then be derived from this packet in the same fashion as they are presently derived from the Shining Host. 
   In the event that a packet cannot be passed to use as a baseline within 3 months of January 1st, 2018, this proposal will be considered void. 
   Once a packet is passed by council, players will have their experience points spent on arts and realms (as well as other items, at ST discretion) refunded to re-spend on the new versions of arts, realms and supernatural abilities with as much variation as individual STs wish to allow. They should do so within 90 days, with allowances for characters returning to from retirement at ST discretion. 
  This proposal refers only to mechanics, as well as those story elements which are intrinsically tied to mechanics (such as the inclusion of some version of differentiation between the two types of sidhe), but not any other story elements. 
    As written in an earlier post, the mechanics of Changeling 20 differ so greatly from those of baseline changeling that simply viewing them as an addition, as has been possible with other Onyx Path items, is not possible. While new arts (changeling equivalents of disciplines) have been added, the old arts have been radically altered, with many no longer functioning in the same way or including whole new levels or having their levels traded with other arts. 
   This proposal seeks to cement the idea that OWbN wishes to move forward with this new edition. While the office of the changeling coord is willing to undertake the massive effort of translating C20 into LARP mechanics, we do not wish to do so without the assurance that this is the direction the Org wishes to proceed in. 
  This proposal does not approve the packet which is to be created; that will be a separate proposal made to council once the material is legal for org use and the packet has been written. But it was brought up to me that it'd probably be a good idea to make sure OWbN wants to move in this direction before we go through a ton of work to facilitate that. The dates involved roughly translate to the time between which this material becomes legal to use and the time a proposal could pass through council.
   Thanks very much for your time.

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