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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 10-Aug-2017 11:50PM EDT
Closing: 10-Aug-2017 11:55PM EDT

I, Stacey Diaz, as Follower of Set Coordinator propose the following change to the Character Regulations:

From :
  1. Setite Tlacique - PC: 2/3 Majority Vote - NPC: Majority Vote - Coordinator: Setite


  1. Setite Tlacique - PC: 2/3 Majority Vote - NPC: Coordinator approval - Coordinator: Setite


There is a lot of debate in previous books regarding the Tlacique.  A lot of this has been addressed in new V20 material.  Both visiting some of the contradicting history, and their population.

Plainly, the V20 material in this regard is centralized and works better while still keeping the Tlacique mysterious.  Allowing the Follower of Set office to introduce NPCs and plots regarding the "bloodline". 

Thanks you for your time.

Stacey Diaz 
Follower of Set Coordinator


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