Gargoyles disallowed to have Iron Heart - Re-write

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-Apr-2017 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 22-Apr-2017 12:00AM EDT

I, Rob Beckett, in my duties as Brujah Coordinator make the following proposal;
That we add to the character bylaws 10.l.viii.7.c
1.Gargoyles with Iron Heart - PC: Disallowed - NPC: Disallowed - Coordinator: Brujah
It is my opinion that the Combination Discipline Iron Heart bypasses in whole, in part or in spirit the clan disadvantage of the Gargole Bloodline. It is also my opinion that allowing a character to access a power that bypasses an inherent disadvantage in their type is irresponsible, these advantages are there and are a part of the character type because they were designed to be that way.
In the Camarilla Guide Gargoyles are Submissive x2 on Dominate challenges. If a Gargoyle wins on ties this disadvantage is significantly diminished. 
In Faith & Fire Gargoyles are down two traits on Dominate challenges. By winning on ties this disadvantage is completely negated. 
I've mentioned both of the live action sources because games have the option of using mechanics from either book. 
I submit this proposal without grandfathering. I have checked my vineyard access and there are no Gargoyles currently registered as having been approved for this discipline.
We've had a lot of discussion on this even though I withdrew the original prop because I misplaced the new line. Ultimately, I believe that this added line to the bylaws is better for the players than the current situation. If they know, going into it that the hard "No" is already in place they can spend their time working toward a more attainable goal. That will give both them and the people with whom they play an over all better experience.
Thank you for your consideration,
-Rob Beckett
One World by Night Brujah Coordinator

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