[Proposal] Revision to Administrative Bylaw 2.A.ii.a/4.B.viii.1.a

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 20-Mar-2013 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 26-Mar-2013 11:58PM EDT


Proposal: Revision to Administrative Bylaw 2.A.ii.a/4.B.viii.1.a (Election Reform Proposal #4)

I hereby propose the following addition to Administrative Bylaw 4.B.viii.3.a (the addition is "a"):


viii.          The nominee carrying the most votes on Council shall become Coordinator.

1.    In case of a tie, the Head Coordinator may either break the tie or hold a run-off election between all tied parties.

a.      The Executive Team - to include the HC and the AHCs - may not cast their votes for any candidates during this election process. The only exception to this shall be that the HC will retain their vote if they need to break a tie once the vote has concluded, as per the above Bylaw.

2.    For a run-off election, only the candidates who were tied will be on the ballot. The option to reject all candidates will be removed. The option to abstain will remain.

3.     If the election is still tied after the run-off vote, the HC will break the tie.


I also hereby propose the following addition to Administrative Bylaw 2.A.ii.a (the addition is "a"):


2. Council

A.   The Council of One World by Night is considered the governing body of the network and shall consist of:

i.      One (1) voting representative from each full member chronicle. A voting representative may serve as a voting representative for only one full member chronicle at a time.

ii.     The Head Coordinator and Assistant Head Coordinators who shall hold one (1) vote each. They may not hold any other votes on the Council, such as being the Council representative of a chronicle.

a.    The votes able to be cast by the Executive Team (Head Coordinator and Assistant Head Coordinators) is expected to be used in the capacity of their administrative duties. Reference Administrative Bylaw 4.B.viii for limitations to this during the Coordinator Election Process.


The Coordinator elections are about the core of our Organization: we are a group of chronicles that come together and agree to a shared Universe, and Coordinator elections are our time to represent the interests of our chronicles and players for how we best feel the Organization should proceed in the future. Members of the Executive Team are not chronicles or players, and they have Council Voting rights for the purposes of allowing them to make Proposals and see to administrative needs of the Organization, such as Bylaw revisions, disciplinary actions, and other administrative contingencies. I do not feel that it is appropriate for them to participate as individuals in the rights of chronicles to elect their Coordinators for the term.


On the topic of the Exec Team votes for the Exec Team candidates: It has been said that the HC should be able to vote on the AHCs. It is my opinion that we do not get to chose who we work with at our jobs in real life, yet we manage to work together as a team. I think that's the core of what we should expect of the Executive Team that represents our Organization at its highest level. If the Head Coordinator wants to voice who they want to work with, they may write a letter of recommendation to Council during the discussion period and have their preference known then. Additionally (and while this has been a tradition in the past), I do not think that the AHCs should be able to continue to vote for themselves - with a vote only accountable to and representative of themselves alone - to retain their own incumbency.


In conclusion it is my opinion that, given the existing Bylaw line that the HC vote is meant to break a tie during elections, we did not intend to Coordinators to become whole voting chronicles in their own right during elections, but rather, we expect them to use their votes in the capacity of their duties. Voting in Coordinator elections for "the candidate they like" isn't exactly within the scope of the duties that I expect from my Executive Team.


~ Jenn B.

CM, Kings of New York

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