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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 26-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 03-Dec-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Jason RobinsonApplicant Email: voideng@owbn.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: Iowa City
Support From:
Chicago (garou)
Iowa City


Role-Playing since 1982 mostly D&D, Started GM/Storytelling in '89 started with
World of Darkness in 1991 with Vampire. Played and ran Vampire, Garou, Wraith
and Mage table top, played Changling a few times. Started playing LARP in
Chicago: Dark Requiem in March of '98, became a Chicago: Dark Requiem ST in
April '99 and remained on staff until January '00. In Febuary '99 I started
playing in Chicago: Enraged with a staff memeber moving, i was asked to become
part of the staff, and stapped up as ST in October '99 and still hold the
position. In June '00 until present I have been a memeber of the Iowa City
Storytelling staff and for the last several months I have been the Council Rep.
For most of the last year, I have assisted the Giovanni and the Admissions
Coordinators wityh there duties to a point that each have been comfortable with
my work.

Personal Statement:

Over the last two months, I have arranged a staff of Tribal Narrators to
help with plot and logistical issues within OWBN around the Garou PC's and
NPC's. The two main issues which they addressed were a gathering a census of
OWBN and getting the Garou lists under control. This has mostly been taken care
of, there are still things that need to be take care of, but if I am replaced,
my successor will have an easier time with it than I have.

If re-elected, I will complete the processing of the census. Find and
appoint an asssitant to help coordinate plots revolving around Pentex. Set up
the Concolation which should be happening this Spring if all goes well. Have
Tribal NPC created and submitted to encourage the Nation politics that OWBN
seems to be missing. Start seeking out non-OWBN Garou games that would fit
within our orginzation and attempt to recruit them.


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