Addition to Administrative Bylaws, Section 6.D.viii Removal from Local Chronicle Authority

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 21-Apr-2010 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 21-Apr-2010 1:00AM EDT

I hereby Propose the following be added to Section 6 of the Administrative Bylaws:

Administrative Bylaws, Section 6.D:

viii. Removal from Local Chronicle Authority

1. This action may be combined with any other action or combination of actions.

2. This action may only be taken against a staff member of a chronicle-level staff, such as a Head Storyteller, Storyteller, Council Representative, Narrator, or Player’s Representative. Additional roles may be included in this section based on if they interact with the chronicle in a position of out-of-character authority over the game.

3. A Proposal using this section of the Bylaws will need to specify the individual(s) affected and the chronicle(s) that are affected, as some individuals serve on the staffs of multiple member chronicles.

4. Documentation of abuse in the authority of the Chronicle’s administration is required to be presented to Council in the scenario of such a Proposal. This abuse may be for, but is not limited to: abuse of authority; favoritism; lack of responsibility for the shared network’s consistency or integrity with regards to plot, players, or genre; abusive relationships with other nearby chronicle members.

5. In the instance that such a Proposal as outlined in this section is made, it is encouraged but not required that mediation be brought to the Executive Team to attempt to resolve differences between parties and provide an intervention as the step before Council resolution.

6. Upon ratification of a Proposal using this section, said individual will no longer be permitted to serve in a position of authority for the chronicle they were removed from. This includes any event games in which said chronicle is sponsoring or affiliated with. If a duration is not mentioned as part of the Proposal, this disciplinary action defaults to the 6 month time period per Administrative Bylaws 6.B.i.


The only position within the entire Organization that cannot be removed, short of an Org-wide Ban, if abusive or inappropriate is a Storyteller. Bad Coordinators may be removed per 6.D.vii. Bad Council Members may be removed per 6.D.ii. Bad players may have their characters GNC’ed with a variety of Bylaw methods. But there is currently no recourse within the Bylaws to deal with abusive or bad STs.

The ST that lacks the ability to simply say “no” has caused our Bylaws to grow to ‘support’ the lowest common denominator of bad behavior, which has caused the rest of the Org to suffer under the yoke of too much regulation at the necessity to deal with a few bad apples. This Proposal seeks to give Council some level of recourse to administrate our Organization by pursuing the bad Storytellers instead of making more layers and layers of rules and regulations for the rest of the Org to adhere to because of the ills of a few.

Jenn Bahrs
Head Coordinator of OWbN

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