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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Camarilla Coordinator application(s) are included below.

Feel free to discuss the elections and applications with your CM.

The options for your CM to vote in this Election will be:

* Alan J. Pursell
* Rodrigo Perez a.k.a. Chronos Phaenon Eosphoros
* Reject All Candidates
* Abstain

Note that William Lee has withdrawn.

~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


Alan Pursell
Home Chronicle: Caught in Eternal Twilight
Experience: Yes.

Experience in OWbN:

I'm not quite a Methuselah, but I am definitely an old Ancillae. I was an active Inconnu that kept up with the stories and gossip, and I know more history of the org than many suspect. IC and OOC.

IC, my main character is Jack Sebastien. He's been primogen, keeper, seneschal and prince, and for the last few years, he's been an archon to the Ventrue Justicar and is practically shelved as I do not play him that often do to potential conflicts from my position. I have a starting Toreador that I've played in ACE.

I've been involved in the org for nearly 9 years. I've built up a lot of ooc relationships with players across the org, I've worked with coords, STs, and players. I've served time on Council as the CM for Always Come Evening. I've been a sub coord, a sounding board and an idea man. I've talked to the true believers and the cynics (sometimes the same person), the idealists and the critics. I've heard a lot of war stories. I've heard a small amount of horror stories. I am currently Camarilla Coord.

The Personal Statement "Keep it IC."

I'm not done saving you from yourselves.

A coord is not a storyteller.

A coord can define the world of the stories, the level of the stories, assist in the plots and story points and characters in the story, but they should not be the story. They can help guide a story, build a stage for it, and they make sure that while not everyone needs to tell the same story, each story fits in with the shared story.

The most important role of a coord is consistency. The Camarilla still needs help with achieving that consistency.

In my first year, I had some lofty goals, and strong ideas. Upon seeing the state of how the Camarilla is seen by players and STs in the organization, I realized that some of what I wanted to do was too soon. I feel the understanding of what the Camarilla actually is in OWbN has come along way towards achieving consistency and a direction, and I feel that we are ready to take the next step.

Over the past year I have:

* Communicate with the coords about their goals and plans on the sect
* Create a blog with semi-regular public dissemination of genre information from the source with a built-in give and take (I hope to set a more regular schedule on posts)
* Collaborate with the Genre Coords on working together as a team when it comes to the Sect
* Communicate and collaborate with STs and Council about the goals and direction of the Camarilla
* Create ways for the Independent Clans to interact with the Camarilla, (example: the Loyalist Assamite attacks)

Goals I intend to implement this year:

* Create a Camarilla Resource guide, a wiki hosted separately until the web site is fully operational. This would allow STs, Players, CMs, Coords, SubCoord, to create, edit, and develop the mosaic of the history of OWbN. There would be some limits on information to be determined by STs and Coords. It would be centered on OWbN's history, not a reprinting of WW's intellectual property.
* Encourage monthly recaps when Coord Level NPCs interact with the Sect (not the clan)
* Create a google spreadsheet for NPCs with information on the NPCs including status traits, boons, roleplay notes, and other common knowledge information
* Continue the Blog with more regular posts
* Complete the Packets that Council has voted for through the Conclave 2010 proposal

Key projects for 2010:

Brazil: I have enjoyed working with Daniel Destrado as my Brazillian sub coord and intend to continue to work with him. I would like to create tools to allow more of Brazil's IC story to integrate with North America and Jerusalem. One of the things that Daniel is working to create is an IC gossip list for the harpies in Brazil to spread rumors and scandals.

Status: The status packet needs some updating. There should be some areas that do need to be fleshed out, as the org has grown, we've grown, and it has grown. There are bits that can be simplified and some areas that need to be addressed as we find new situations that can be confusing. The goal is to have a series of line item proposals for the revisions done by Mid January.

Packets: The most important packet that is required is an archon/justicar agent packet. Both an IC one and OOC one. This would be written using source material from White Wolf and adapted into what works in OWbN. It would be created with the assistance of volunteer archon players, coords, volunteer sts, and the goal is to have it ready for council to vote on in February, months prior to the conclave.

Other packets would the creation of a "Camarilla in OWbN" packet for new prospective member games, developed to be used with the Admissions team to ensure integration with the larger shared universe and ease the learning curve of the daunting IC history of the org.

And then there is the Obtenbration Registry, which exists as a purposely nebulous and undefined list that is supposed to be vague and shadowy. I would like to work with the Lasombra Coord to return it and the enforcement of it to the players with NPCs watching over and providing guidance and assistance. Also, to be brought up at the conclave to see if it should be loosened up.

The Conclave: The conclave was set based on issues that I had encountered over the past year. The conclave is the decision making body for the Camarilla, it is where the sect 'sets policy, explains the Traditions, hears grievances, settles disputes.' It is a propaganda tool of control. The topics on the docket were chosen from what seemed to pre-occupy most of the debates and problems concerning the sect. Since the role of the sect coord is to "Provide guidance for Storytellers on the goals and activities of the Sect as a whole

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Alan J Pursell
Rodrigo Perez a.k.a. Chronos Phaenon Eosphoros
Reject All Candidates