Assamite Coordinator Election 2010

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Assamite Coordinator application(s) are included below.

Feel free to discuss the elections and applications with your CM.

The options for your CM to vote in this Election will be:

* Cheri Foster-Dupont
* Adam Sartori

* Reject All Candidates
* Abstain

~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


Cheri Foster-Dupont

Home Chronicle: Wasting the Dawn (WtD) – Berkeley CA - USA
Position Sought: Assamite Coordinator

Support for Position:

Council/Chronicle Support:
Always comes Eve, San Fransisco CA
Blood on the Lake, Sheboygan, WI

Chaos and Entropy, Bradenton, FL

Chaos Within, Decatur, IL

Crusade of Ashes, Cedar Rapids, IA

Faces of Change, St Petersburg, FL

Five Nights, Cedar Rapids, IA

Garou on the Rocks, Brandywine, PA

Natal By Night, Brazil
New Haven by Night, Chico, CA
Nocturnal Rapture, Milwaukee, WI
On Haunted Ground, St. Augustine, FL
River of Shadow's, Amador, CA
Sacramento by Night, Sacramento CA

Secas by Night, Brazil

Shades of Crimson, Indianapolis, IN

Shadows Crossing, Santa Rosa, CA

Shadows of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Shadows of Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO

Stockton by Night, Stockton, CA

Stolen Hours, Macon, GA

The Forgotten Court, Carbondale, IL

The Last Crusade, Misvert Zion, Israel

The New Confederacy, Gainesville, FL
The River's Edge, LaCrosse, WI
Thicker Than Blood, Duluth, MN
Under Night's Cloak, Tampa, FL
Wasting the Dawn, Berkeley CA

Coordinator Support:

Alan Pursell, Camarilla Coord

Chad Halvorson, Lasombra Coord

David Krieger, Anarch Coord

Geoffrey Combs, AHC 2

Jenni Smith (Loopy), Toreador Coord
Kim Schultz, Tremere Coord
Lee Highfield, Tzimisce Coord

Manly Dale, Brujah Coord

Michael Cormier, Ravnos Coord

Rojir McCrady, AHC 1

Stef Moser, Kuei-Jin Coord

Teresa Jester, Gangrel Coord
Trey Naivar, Setite Coord

OWbN/Gaming/Administrative Background:

Assamite Coordinator for OWBN (2009 - present)
Assamite Coordinator for OWbN (2002 – 2004)
Assamite Sub-Coord for OWbN under John Hawthorne (2000 – 2002)
Tremere Sub-Coord for OWbN under Dennis Sharpe (2002 – 2003)
AST for Sacramento by Night, Sacramento, CA (2002 – 2004)
AST for Lux Tenabras, Auburn, CA (2004)
HST for Shadow's Crossing, Santa Rosa, CA (2008 – 2009)
CM for Shadow's Crossing, Santa Rosa, CA (2008 - 2008)

I have been LARPing since I was 17 years old. I first LARPed in the Camarilla Fan Club games, both Sabbat and Camarilla venues and then in a troupe game called Moonlight Puppeteers (that later became the OWbN Chronicle Sacramento by Night). I began in One World when Sacramento went probationary. I was an Assamite Sub-Coord and played for 2 years then was elected Assamite Coordinator in 2002. From 2002-2004 I was a player, an AST, Tremere Sub-Coord and Assamite Coordinator all in OWbN. What can I say; I am a glutton for punishment. (or just plain crazy… probably both really.) I took a 4 year hiatus from playing at all and took care of my life and family (I pretty much fell off the face of the earth honestly.)

However I came back to OWBN in full swing when I decided to try and become a coord again. So even though I loved playing my Assamite PC Nadirah, I shelved her and ran for coord. I was elected and found I had missed the people that I've met over the years and thought it was wonderful to reconnect with them again. The year has gone past very quickly because you’ll remember I had a late start in January due to the previously elected Coord stepping down. I've since spent the last 7 months getting acclimated to being a Coord and realizing how much work there was to do, much more than I was prepared for. Having said that, there is still a lot I want to accomplish before I step down again. I'm seriously having a lot of fun though and am still very motivated to be part of the larger picture.

Those who know me know I am a huge geek. Who can't be when dealing with a ton of gamers over the years and being a player/subby/ST/Coord? I have extensive tabletop experience that began when I was 8 years old and my older brother was given D&D (1st, 2nd, 3rd and good lord now 4th Editions) to play and had no other players but my Twin and I. Rifts: a lot of fun to play; Champions: never try making characters on a drive down to the Zoo and then play said characters in the zoo... You don't want to know what wacky super powers can be thought up on that sort of car ride. Then of course there is Kobolds ate my baby; Gurps, the tables you can roll with this game are great. Ars Magica, with probably the longest character creation I have ever attempted.

I have been an ST and CM several times while in OWbN. I helped create Shadow's Crossing and Lux Tenebras and helped them both though the process of becoming a part of OWbN. I've been an ST for Sacramento by Night as well as a CM for Shadow's Crossing. I've been a Sub-Coordinator for the Assamite and Tremere Clan over the past years, and have been Assamite Coordinator three times now. I am often sought out to explain genre to new players and current ST's. I try to create in depth plots that provide a lot of flavor and detail I played an Assamite character that was 2 1/2 years old before I retired her to NPC status. I played an intense Brujah who was totally nuts, as well as a Nos who just was a fun loving Hippy from CA. My knowledge of Assamite Genre is extensive ranging from Pre- and Post-Schism (that’s 1st Ed, 2nd Ed and 2nd Ed revised) as an ST and as a player. I have demonstrated in the past that I'm willing to compromise, listen and, over the last 7 months, I've gained a slightly different outlook on the org.

Personal Statement:

I would like to state for the record that I'm a single mother of a wonderful daughter. I will always count her first before any hobby. That being said, it does not mean I do not know or understand how to balance my life, my work and my play time; I do. It's hard, but it's worth the effort that you put into it especially with the broad group of players OWbN offers. I'm extremely organized and always try to run things on a schedule. That doesn't mean I’m not used to being thrown a curve ball (trust me this was a LARGE one thrown at my head). I keep rolling with the punches, and am unafraid to either speak my mind or listen when someone needs an ear. It's what I do, be mom… ;o)

I've learned over the last 7 months that there are a lot of things that were not previously resolved and maintained. There was a serious nightmare on the administrative side of Clan Assamite and I've created many solutions, many from scratch. Much is now done but it will continue to be an uphill battle, but one I'm capable of performing especially given the competent and energetic assistance from my staff to help me. I've taken away the use of many of the NPCs that were beyond vocal and turned to high ranking players to make the will of the Elder's known. This is working pretty good though there have been some hiccups. It's slowly but surely becoming the PC's genre not just my viewpoint on genre as the Coordinator and that is something that I love to see happening.

I know the most visible aspects of Assamite genre are Schismatic. What is not visible is some of the effort placed in building non-Schismatic aspects of the Assamites. I feel I've made a good step to look beyond the Schismatics but it’s not done. The other factions are out there and we have some building to do. The Loyalists have come out of the close and are out there, actively trying to get you. I "hope" to continue that fact if elected again. I've got a "foot" in the door so to speak, now it's time to step it up.

I still feel that Loyalists can be viable PC's and I've worked with a couple of STs on starting character backgrounds to get them up to council and approved. I've yet to see them come to council however... just waiting... I would love to push some things with new and existing players to become the "anti-hero's" that they are. They require must be on a tight rein. More often than not they are Warriors with back up (i.e. a Sorcerer in the background) and are very rarely Viziers. I believe they should be heavily used as antagonists and would love to give ST's ideas on how to use them to push more plot.

In regards to the Unconquered; it was not my intent to focus much on that part of genre. Then I began working with my Unconquered subcoord and reviewing a couple of backgrounds for the Sabbat Assamites out there. It is fabulous! I love the direction that the Sabbat Coord has taken them and look forward to working with the next Sabbat coord on trying to give them even more "flavor". My Unconquered subcoord has started an Unconquered packet that I'm still reviewing and hope (with the Sabbat coord's permission) to include in the Assamite Genre document update that I feel is amazing.

The Dispossessed point of view. My personal view on them is that they are the independent Autark of the Assamites; they walk the world alone, with what friends or allies they make along their way. They have no support, but no serious animosity from the clan either; it's a choice that, time has proven to the Elders, will eventually lead them back into the fold or kill them. They do not seek admittance into the Camarilla, they do not hold standing, they know if they step on too many people's toes that they are going to have to answer for it in one form or another. There has been a push from the PC's side of things but nothing "concrete" from the Elder's other than to have them seek one side or another. There are too many people on the fence and that causes far more issues. The Justicariate view on them is that they are "not welcome”. If they do not side with the Schism then they must be on the other side and, therefore, are kill-able. Just something to think about over the next term.

Ok, so that's my view on genre and what I think of them. So much fun honestly but let's be real for a moment and talk about what I accomplished these last 7 months and what I want to accomplish this next year. Wasn't that what I had above? Nope, that's just me telling you how I look at things and how my point of view has changed over the last couple of months.

What I have accomplished thus far, and how it furthers Assamite genre

Schismatic Rank System:

When I became coordinator I found the rank system was a far greater problem than I understood originally. Players were unhappy. ST’s were unhappy and too many chronicles were going it alone without any interaction with the Assamite Coord’s office. There were no records of what happened due to some major gaps in the current mail systems. This was compounded by a too many backlogged rank requests that were not responded to. In response to the problem, I called for a Census to get an idea of how to resolve two things; 1) to get a number of players their rank respective to their experience and ability, and 2) to get an idea of how much unregulated sorcery was out there. I had 20 games respond. That gave me a small clue of how to proceed with the Rank issues and since then I've updated the Schismatic Rank system. I have highly competent Rank subcoords who are getting rank requests done in a matter of weeks when previously players waited years. We have a new email system that works great for this process and an updated rank list that gives me everyone's ranks, the dates of their ranks, and what games their based out of. I feel that I've met this goal in regards to the rank systems. I'm still trying to think of a way to get the players involved on the PC end of the RP and it's starting to work but it’s a work in progress.

Sorcery Packet:

I've put forward a new Sorcery packet that does everything I felt met the requests and requirements of the OWbN player base. Council decided it was not quite right, thus it's back to the drawing board. At the same time, I asked for a census of the Sorcery Approvals though out the org for not just the Assamites but for those possessing Sorcery out of clan. I found there was and is a huge misconception within the org about who should be allowed to have it and the proper process for gaining it out of rank sorcery. This is crazy! And will be a significant part of what I hope to correct if elected for the next year. Those STs and CMs who actually worked with me, I thank you loudly and profusely! I’m not done and thank you for your patience and those that I'm still working with to fix the issues I hope we will resolve them soon. Unlike in years prior, Council members have asked for a separate Dur An Ki (DAK) packet that will be going into consideration, thus I will be removing the DAK from the current packet and redoing what needs to be done so it meets now what Council wants, not just my player base.

New OWBN Assamite Website:

I've been able to completely overhaul the old outdated Assamite website and with the help of my web-mistress we've got a great working website. It's thorough and all the information you could ever want for the Assamite Clan is on that site. You will find Loyalist Information, Schismatic Information, etc.

What I wish to implement in the next term

PSM removals and Ordeals:

This was started, but the process has been very slow. I believe I'm going to have to make some changes to the current process. It will probably require another prop to council regarding making PSM removal the perusal of the Cam Coord's office since that office has joint control of all of the Justicars. Currently PSM removal goes through no less than three Genre Coords and the truth is these people have real lives also slowing the process. Moving it under the Cam Coord’s office would eliminate at least this portion of the process and speed things up. This is a big problem for players and ST’s. My current staff and I are really looking for an answer. I hope to be able to implement something in the first couple months of my new term.

Assamite Genre Doc:

I stated that I wanted to update the Genre document and this is something that is in the works. It's been very hard to complete it as there is so much inconsistency that I'm trying to correct. That being said I feel that I need another term to get this out and do it justice. I've started to update the guidelines that are currently in place, I've been asked questions and have done my best to answer them. I've even had players/STs/CMs change my mind/opinion on something. It's been great so far and I look forward to the continued discussions that I've had. One of the things we're very excited about including in the new packet is a glossary of Arabic terms, words and phrases that Council asked for that the players and STs will be able to use.

Implement new Leadership:

I wish to introduce a new Dua't Leadership and have my subcoord team take a more active role on the IC lists. I’m looking for more interaction and depth for NPCs to ensure PCs gain perspective and advice. I've partially started by introducing a new North American Leader to a few PCs. I will also introduce some strong antagonists for the PCs to rally against or with. I've already partially started this with the introduction of "The Wolf

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