[PROPOSAL] [NO GRANDFATHERING] [AUTOPASS] Addition to Character Bylaws: Asakku and the Path of Asakku

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 17-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 17-Jun-2020 12:05AM EDT

I, Derek Howard, as Tzimisce Coordinator propose that the following be added to the character bylaws.
Asakku and the Path of Asakku
PC: Disallowed NPC: Coordinator Approval
Coordinator: Tzimisce 
This proposal has the potential to Autopass
The Asakku are vampires whose souls have been corrupted by excessive use of Vicissitude. The changes inflicted on the Asakku force them onto a new path, the Path of Asakku, which grants its followers more powerful uses of Vicissitude and ultimately drive them into a state of insanity.
While these creatures, which replaced the old soul eater concept from previous editions of VTM, are great for horror and dramatic plot purposes, they are being used as "monster of the week" and a resource for PCs to get extra powers.
I am of the opinion that while they are a useful tool in some games, they should be regulated and most definitely not in the hands of PCs.
That said, I respect Storytellers ability to tell stories and trust that a PC that may fall to this "sickness" should be able to RP as normal for the first little bit.
"But Derek" I hear you say"Why no grandfathering?"
Excellent question. I am aware of a couple of games that are running plots surrounding Asakku, but have heard of MANY more that are just doing it for the lols. I am placing a no grandfathering stipulation on this proposal in order to get this genre item in line.
Thanks and be safe everyone.

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