[PROPOSAL] Addition to Character Bylaws 9. Vampire Magic Items Version 2

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 18-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 25-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT

I, Adam Sartori CM for Kings of New York, propose the following addition to Character Regulation 9. Vampire Regulations

c. Vampire Magic Items

i. A Magic item is defined as any item a character can wield that has special powers or properties beyond the presented basic items in the Laws of the Night books.  Items with modified base statistics from the books (but no other special mechanical powers), via the crafts ability, are not considered magic items for the purpose of this bylaw.

ii.A vampire PC may only get and use Magic Items from the following sources.

1.      Spirit Manipulation: Entrap Ephemera

2.      Spirit Thaumaturgy: Fetishes

3.      Hedge Magic: Enchantment

4.      Miscellaneous Magic items as presented in Vampire the Masquerade Books

5.      Mage the Ascension: Talismans

6.      Mummy the Resurrection: Amulets

7.      Demon the Fallen: Relics

8.      Plot Items and Other non mechanical Magical Items

9.      Infernal Items

10.  Akhu: Milks of Set

11.  Kindred of the East: Artifacts

12.  Rom: Draba

13.  Custom Content Magic Items

ii. Vampire PCs using these magic items may only grant the following:

1.      All Magic Items

a.       No Magic Item on a Vampire may duplicate or be a copy paste of any regulated item in the Character regulation bylaws without Coordinator approval associated with that item to do so.  The exception to this rule is for Infernal Items; which is approved by the Demon Coordinator instead.

2.      Spirit Manipulation: Entrap Ephemera

a.       May only make and use Fetishes from a White Wolf/Onyx Path/OWbN Packet Werewolf the Apocalypse books or Rites of the Blood from Vampire the Masquerade

3.      Spirit Thaumaturgy: Fetishes

a.       May only grant up to Basic Arcanoi

4.      Hedge Magic: Enchantment

a.       May only mimic Vampire the Masquerade Disciplines and Powers

5.      Mage the Ascension: Talismans

a.       May only be used if the magic item as has its own Arete Rating and is from a Mage the Ascension Book or OWbN Packet

6.      Mummy the Resurrection: Amulets

a.       May only be used by a Vampire if they have a True Faith Rating of at least 3 or higher.

7.      Demon the Fallen: Relics

a.       May only grant up to Basic Lores

8.      Plot Items and Other non mechanical Magical Items

a.       These are items created to service a specific game or coordinators plot.  They may have whatever effects are needed for that plot but function only within that game or story.  Other magic items that have no mechanical effect but are for a role-play aspect are perfectly allowed.  Plot items must be marked as such on the item card.

9.      Infernal Items

a.       Magic Items Made with Infernalism – PC: Coordinator Approval – NPC: Coordinator Notify – Coordinator: Demon

10.  Akhu Milks of Set

a.       Items made with the Milk of Set Ritual – PC: Coordinator Approval – NPC: Coordinator Approval – Coordinator: Followers of Set

11.  Kindred of the East Artifacts for Kindred/Cainites – PC: Coordinator Approval – NPC: Coordinator Approvel – Coordinator: Kuei-jin

12.  Rom: Draba – PC: Coordinator Approval – NPC: Coordinator Approval – Coordinator: Ravnos

13.  Custom Content Magic Items

a.       Any Custom Content that creates Magical Items must follow the rules for magic items from this bylaw Sections 1 through 8. 

Reasoning:  Each and every month as an ST I have to check sheets from players that log into the various games I ST for.  And each and every month I see the item card packages those PC sends.  This has caused me to draw one conclusion.  Since there is no regulation what so ever on magic items; it has grown into an org wide problem.  Even my own game doesn’t allow 90% of magic items from the rest of the org, but we let our players make them to use in other games to not be handicapped when they travel.  This is a problem.  Vampire PCs with Gurhal gifts is a problem.  Vampire PCs with immune to all one shot magic items is a problem.  I truly feel this has gotten out of hand in the org and something should be done about.  So what I propose is what I consider the minimum amount of regulation we should all be able to agree too.  This at least says “Hey your magic item…has to come from a book”; instead of just the wild west.  While I personally would do more, that’s just my opinion as one game.  I think this is a good starting point for the org and a reasonable middle ground.  But, I am as always just one CM with an idea and power to make props!  So putting my money where mouth is instead of just not trying to do something about something I think may be a problem.  I may be wrong, but a vote will tell!  If anyone has an edits they would like to see; I as always will be happy to listen. Again, I think this is a good base line to start and we can modify as needed as time goes on.  It’s not intended to be the perfect solution; as there are no prefect solutions.  This also does not negate or replace current bylaw restriction on magic items.  I.E. Vampires using Mummy items still requires Setite Coord approval.


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