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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Oct-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 12-Oct-2018 12:00AM EDT

Greetings OWbN. I, Eric Lyko-somethin', in my duties as changeling coordinator propose the following addition to Character bylaws 10.g.ii.


9. Lore: Fomorians. PC: Coordinator Approval. NPC: Coordinator Approval Coordinator: Changeling.



So, I will begin by saying I’m not typically a huge proponent of Lore regulation broadly speaking. As evidenced by the fact that there are no current regulations on any lores in my genre. However, I ask council to restrict this particular lore for the following reasons:

1.     I have made some attempts to let it be known that I recommend against the availability of this lore at this time. Despite this, more than one event coordinator has contacted me expressing concerns that they are seeing this lore appear despite that request. I almost always try to go with polite requests first, before moving to restrictions; I do not believe that has worked in this case.

2.     Knowledge of the fomorians is certainly comparable, and in truth probably rarer, than knowledge of other restricted creatures in our bylaws, such as Fallen. Fomorians were gone from the earth since the mythic age, many of their stories hidden by a huge mind-erasing force. While they have developed a presence now in the world, it is really just beginning to unfold and most encounters of them have been in 15 seconds of combat time which is not what I feel is reflective of Lore-level understanding.

3.     I feel the fomorian plotline has been successful, in terms of both game and genre participation. While certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, it has drawn considerable interest and part of that, I think, is its novelty and mystery. I would like some time to pass before that mystery and novelty begins to be scaled back and mundane routines develop for how to deal with them as has become the case for other large looming threats.

4.     There is a group of multi-game PCs from different parts of the country who have been organized by PC efforts and who have made some pretty profound PC sacrifices for the goal of pursuing this lore. I would like to be empowered to reward them with this knowledge and for their storyline to be the one which originates much of the research. I cannot meaningfully do that if other PCs are allowed to casually acquire such information by simply spending XP on Lore. For those PCs who are interested in such, I would seek to make prompts and avenues for them to be included in that research, pending the okay of the PCs currently working on it (who I do know yet would like more individuals involved).

This proposal is made with no grandfathering, pursuant to the rationale listed above. To note, I am not bothering to make it autopass as I am aware that some games automatically object if something is no grandfathering. So, no need to object, it’s not autopass. In the future, I will seek to deregulate this, once sufficient broad experience exists to warrant such. Thanks guys!

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