The Occult Summit - A OWbN All-Genre Event

The Occult Summit - A OWbN All-Genre Event

Event Description:

"IC Invitation:

We are happy to announce the fourth annual Saint Louis Occult Summit. The Summit is a gathering of scholars, scientists, and lore masters on a variety of strange, rare, and wondrous topics ranging from abyssal geography to psychological alchemy. The Summit is hosted by the Virtual Alexandria Project, a massive umbral library that strives to carefully catalogue, thoroughly protect, and thoughtfully disseminate all the world’s knowledge.

The Summit will be held on the evenings of March 1st and 2nd, 2019 in Saint Louis, Missouri. All are welcome to attend. The event has drawn mages, changelings, wraiths, fallen, garou, fera, night walkers, and many more. And despite the many political, philosophical, and religious perspectives, there has never been any violence or untowards influence upon any of the event’s attendees. We don’t expect this year to be different.

The main focus of the summit is a variety of speakers who take up important topics related to lore and the occult. Past presentations have included: magical theory, high rituals, the Wyrm, night walker enlightenment, will worker therapy sessions, blending magic across supernatural groups, pantemporal computing, the Fimbulwinter, non-telepathic connection of minds, demon hunting, demonic manipulation, being a demon, the Abyss, a how-to primer to the business of the occult, the nature of madness, and many, many more topics. Talks this year will have a similar scope and diversity, and materials logged from past talks can also be made available.

The summit will also include an occult market, magical dueling, wonder-making workshops, virtual reality, code-breaking, scavenger hunts, and riddle deciphering. Many of the sponsored activities may reward their victors with copies of tomes straight from the library itself.

Please direct questions to Alex at:

The Occult Summit’s event page can be found here:

Guests are encouraged to pre-register as to avoid having to do so upon arrival:

The Occult Summit is a mutually supported event.

We ask that all participants contribute in some way to the event.

Our three standard methods of contribution include:

Presenting – Give a talk! Teach people what you know! The top speaker will win 30 quintessence.
Volunteering – There are various volunteer opportunities from OOC sign-in duties to IC security.
Donating – The event is sponsored by the Virtual Alexandria Project, but we also ask our participants to make a financial or magical donation. A common financial donation has been $30,000 or five measures of magical energies (such as quintessence, gnosis, pathos, glamour, or willpower).

For those unable to contribute, please register and come anyway. Various sponsors will be donating to support the costs of your entry.


OOC Information:

The Occult Summit, 2019 – An All-Genre OWbN Event


March 1st – 2:00pm to 11:30pm
March 2nd – 11:00am to 11:30pm


March 1st – Boileau Hall • 38 Vandeventer Ave, Saint Louis, MO
March 2nd – DuBourg Hall (F2) • Pere Marquette Room • 221 N Grand Blvd, Saint Louis, MO

Host Chronicle

Shadows of Saint Louis –


$10 per day ($20 for both)

$15 for both nights if you pre-register


Pre-registration admission is due no later than 2/15/19 & may be given to any administrator of Shadows of Saint Louis in person or it may be submitted via PayPal. Please contact the Shadows of Saint Louis staff for the appropriate PayPal address.

Pre-registration of character sheets & items cards must be submitted no later than 2/15/19. Please be certain your Storytellers submit these on your behalf or denote, in an email, than any submissions sent are approved.

Event Parking

March 1st – Free • Boileau Hall • 38 Vandeventer Ave, Saint Louis, MO

March 2nd – $6 • The Laclede Parking Garage • 3602 Laclede Ave, Saint Louis, MO
March 2nd – Free • Street Parking is free in Saint Louis on Saturday


The Courtyard by Marriott
2340 Market St, Saint Louis MO
314 241 9111
$119 per night

To reserve a room, call the above number & ask for a room under the event group “One World by Night.” Reservations MUST be in by the cutoff date of 2/15/19.

Event Amenities

Shadows of Saint Louis will be providing food and beverages during the event (in the evening) on both nights of the event.

It is expected that pizza, sandwiches, or snacks will be on the menu for both nights. Beverages will include water and soft drinks. Please keep unsealed food & beverages in designated areas.

Site Regulations
You may bring your own food and drinks, however please bring containers with a lid.

SLU is a conservative campus, therefore we must insist that all costuming be appropriate for public consumption as you almost certainly WILL be in plain view of the public.

All weapon props are expressly forbidden.

Smoking is permitted in designated areas. Illicit substances and alcohol are not permitted.


Volunteers will be offered a reduction in the admission cost of the event in exchange for their assistance with setup, breakdown, and other activities designated by the Shadows of Saint Louis staff and/or the site provider.
Contact the Shadows of Saint Louis staff if you are interested in assisting.

NPC Duty

The Shadows of Saint Louis staff has countless NPCs available for the summit. Do you know someone who’d maybe like to do but doesn’t have a character, doesn’t want to go with any of their characters, or doesn’t even LARP? Those performing NPC duty will be offered a reduced cost of admission or waived admission in exchange for their (greatly appreciated) services. Contact the Shadows of Saint Louis staff if you are interested or know someone who is.


Near the hotel

Maggie O’Brien’s
The Schlafly Tap Room

Near the site

Midtown Sushi & Ramen
Vito’s Sicilian Pizzeria & Ristorante"

Event Dates: 01-Mar-2019 3:00PM -04
Genre(s): Other
ST Contact:
Event Website:
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

The Courtyard by Marriott
Lodging Type: Hotel
Lodging Details:

2340 Market St, Saint Louis MO

Phone - 314 241 9111

$119 per night

To reserve a room, call the above number & ask for a room under the event group “One World by Night.” Reservations MUST be in by the cutoff date of 2/15/19.


We have updated information for the Hotel.  Marriott has provided us with the following:

You can either call the hotel directly at: 314 241 9111

But it is recommended you instead call: 866 661 8954

Or, if you'd like to get the room via an online link, go to the below link for the room, directly:



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