Palle Grande

Palle Grande

Event Description:

IC: The Archdiocses gathers the Cainites of Virginia, Nomads, and beyond to celebrate the greatest of Sabbat parties, Palle Grande, to perform the sacred Ritae, reflect on the success of the Archdiocese this year, and take the speak with and enjoy all the Brothers and Sister of Caine.

OOC: Caine's Chosen is continuing hosting a two day Palle Grande to focus on the depth of the High Holiday. A chance to enjoy more costuming, decorations, and food on site.

Event Dates: 27-Oct-2018 6:00PM EDT to 28-Oct-2018 6:00PM EDT
Genre(s): Sabbat
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Lodging Information:

Lodging Type: Hotel
Lodging Details:

Plenty of local hotels or possible arrangements to crash with locals.

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