One World By Night Coordinator Elections

Welcome One World By Night participants! This section of our site includes information about the applicants and ballots for the current Coordinator election cycle.

  • Article 4 of the Administrative Bylaws outlines the Coordinator election process
  • The Coordinator Bylaws list the duties of each Coordinator office.
  • To submit an application for a Coordinator position, please go to
    If you do not have a login account for our site, a member of the Web Team will give you a temporary account in order to edit your application.

Applications - Elected Coords

Coord Office: Sabbat
Applicant Name Link to Application
Adam Sartori
View Application
Shane King
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Shane West
View Application

Head Coord - Council Vote

The Head Coordinator ballot has not been posted for this election cycle.

Elected Coords - Council Votes

To see the individual votes and comments, click on the link for that ballot.

Vote opens: 13-Dec-2018 12:00AM EST
Vote closes: 21-Dec-2018 12:00AM EST