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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Jan-2018 11:55PM EST
Closing: 31-Jan-2018 11:55PM EST


Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw §3.C.iii, I, Dora Jay, as Changing Breeds Coordinator, do so propose the following:

Character Bylaw §10.f.iv.2 shall be changed to one of the following options (Modified sections in red)

Please note that due to the fact this proposal has three choices, this proposal CANNOT autopass and MUST be voted on.


2. Restricted Garou Camps - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Changing Breeds
Cyber Dogs 2.0
Eaters of the Dead
Ivory Priesthood
Mother's Fundamentalists
Path Dancers
Sword of Hiemdall
Temple of Artemis
The Dying Cubs


3. Restricted Garou Camps - PC: Majority Vote - NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Changing Breeds
The Dying Cubs


3. Restricted Garou Camps - PC: Disallowed - NPC: Majority Vote - Coordinator: Changing Breeds
The Dying Cubs


Justification and Reasoning: For many many years, the Red Talon PCs of the org have been trying to abolish and eliminate entirely the Dying Cubs camp of the Red Talons. For those unaware of what that is, simply put, the Red Talons have a camp called 'The Dying Cubs' that targets, tortures, and kills humans for the "benefit" of Gaia. This effort culminated recently in a Tribal Moot where all of the work put into the plot came to a climactic peak.

A great council tribal moot was held over the course of the past month in which the Red Talons gathered to state their case. Blood of Shadows (OWBN-Created Coord NPC) is the current head of the Dying Cubs camp and was in attendence.

Outside of a few NPCs, the voices have all but unanimously stated that the Dying Cubs need to go or have some sort of oversight placed on them because they're being far too wyrmy. The PCs were split on which way those restrictions should go, and this is reflected in the three options I bring before you this frosty cold afternoon.

ICly, the totem spirit of the Red Talons is pondering the options places before him by PCs to determine which way he'll go. His response will be decided by council in accordance with our bylaws.


Option 1
Option 1 is the most mild of the three options and signifies that the Dying Cubs must go through an extensive vetting process before they are formally allowed to join the camp. They will still be huntable by Red Talons who desire to see the camp eliminated, but there are still a decent number of them in existence. Blood of Shadows will not remain the head of the camp but will not be sentenced to death.


Option 2
Option 2. The current head of the camp (Blood in Shadows) will be sentenced to death and eliminated as well as any of his followers who are loyal to him that can be found (Note: this only includes NPCs. Any PC Dying Cubs will be allowed to live and either swap camps or stay off of the radar of the PCs who wish to see them eliminated).

A new NPC head will be put into position to more careful monitor the camp to ensure it stays in line with Gaia's laws. Given the new vetting process will be much more strict, very few Red Talons will be allowed to join and must extensively prove they are eliminating humans who deserve it, not just because it's fun to kill, torture, and maim humans.


Option 3
Option 3, Griffin allows for the Dying Cubs to completely die out, prohibiting any new children from joining the camp. Blood of Shadows will be sentenced to death. Once the Dying Cubs in existence are eliminated, that's it, they're done and gone.

CBC's .02

This plot has been in the making for over five years. PC Dying Cubs made some poor life choices that are finally coming back around to greet the camp as a whole.

Despite the fact it's what many of the players want, i'm not the biggest fan of completely disallowing something that can be used as a great source of antagonism for STs with Red Talon PCs in their games. I think their work to eliminate this camp should be acknowledged, but I don't personally believe it should be 100% erased from our canon.

Because of this, I am personally supporting either Option 1 or 2. Option 3 has been included because the players asked it to be. If council decides to back the players on Option 3, so will I. :)

Additional Documentation

Any CM that would like the full transcript of the Great Council Scene can email me for a forwarded copy. 

Final Remarks

I want to extend a thank you to the Red Talon players who have participated in this entirely PC created plotline. You've been super consistent and your hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all the time, energy, and effort you put into this genre! <3

To the CMs of OWBN, please feel free to ask any questions or requests for clarification you might have.

Dora Jay
Changing Breeds Coordinator

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