[Proposal][Territory][Objection] Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture territory request - Montague Island, Alaska

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 08-Jan-2021 12:00AM EST
Closing: 15-Jan-2021 12:00AM EST

This proposal is made in accordance with the Coordinator Bylaws, section 1.B. i. 

Chronicles have full control over the events inside of their boundaries. These boundaries are registered with the Membership Coordinator, but should be well known to surrounding chronicles. Storytellers wishing to run scenes in another chronicles boundaries must first obtain permission from a Storyteller from that chronicle. A chronicle may only claim territory that is considered a reasonable distance from its IC location


I, Christian Luetkemeyer, as Membership Coordinator, propose the following addition to the CNMR controlled territory. This proposal has the potential to autopass.


Geographical Specifics of Responsibility:  Montague Island, Alaska and a twenty mile radius surrounding it.

Conditional Approval Parameters - Vampire Backgrounds After December 2020: ST Approval

Conditional Approval Parameters - Vampire Backgrounds Before December 2020: ST Notify

Conditional Approval Parameters - Vampire Actions: ST Approval

Conditional Approval Parameters - Other Supernatural Backgrounds: ST Notify

General Restriction Level (Default Level unless otherwise noted in Conditional Approval Parameters Columns): ST Approval


This has been discussed on council, and since there were multiple objections to the game having territory so far from home, I am going to make it a prop and council can decide.  The Setite coordinator is onboard and interested, as the territory is for activity related to their Setite players.  
People saying that it is too far away conveniently ignore that we have people claiming 3 states away because there 'isn't enough territory in their home games'.  

If this doesn't pass, I'm going to prop it as Setite Coordinator territory and they can allow use to the game for their activities, unless the Setite coordinator wishes to do it a different way.

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