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All submissions will be reviewed for approval by the Historian. Any public PCs or NPCs actions, event game, chronicle plotlines, or OWbN plotlines can be made as submission. The more clear the specific details of PC and NPC names, dates, and domain the better for future connection of submission in the timeline. Any questionable submissions or submission content will go through follow-up by the Historian and Historian Team with appropriate players, STs, or Coordinators.

For the "Title": Please do not include the date. Examples would be "Soandso claims Praxis of XYZ" , "Praxis of Chicago", or "Conclave 2011".

Date of Incident *
Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
E.g., 12/08/2021
E.g., 12/08/2021
A short description of the event, describing what happened. 1 to 2 sentences maximum. Example: Paul Walker killed under Judicial Conclave in Chicago for multiple violations of Camarilla Law.
Important: Only public details and stories to be described. Can be as long as desired.
Event Image
Optionally, an image of the event. No copyrighted material. Player photos would be appropriate.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
A short description of the image / photo
Name of the photographer and/or name of website

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