Toreador Combo Powers to be added to the Clan Genre Packet

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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 13-Jun-2007 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 14-Jun-2007 1:00AM EDT

I propose the following be added to the Optional section of the Toreador clan packet under section B, new combo Powers. These powers ARE NOT genre binding, and are OPTIONAL to each game. I repeat, OPTIONAL. Any ST can say NO. I realize write ups of some of these are around but this is for simplicity. Thanks to Sean, Chad and others who submitted and doctored.
Focused Reflexes

Requirements: Celerity 5, Auspex 4, (Toreador only)

Throughout clan history, the Toreador have been gifted
with great speed and enhanced senses. Through
practice and training, a Toreador named Juno, known
for his zealotry to the clan and combat ingenuity
sought to combine the clans gifts. Through the
practiced focus of the senses, this allows a Toreador
to select a single opponent in combat and read their
every move. This give the rose a superior advantage
in reflexes, both evading and slipping through a foes
defense. So focused does the user become on that
opponent however, that they are less alert to any
others in combat around them.
Artistically, this ability can also be used in
certain types of performance or dance where it might
be important to impress a single target of the
audience. (In this usage it would grant a +1 to the
performance ability against that target alone).

MET Rules: This ability costs one temporary willpower to
activate and lasts for the scene or one hour. At the
beginning of a combat round, a target must be chosen.
The user gains three Physical Traits quick against the
declared target. However, the user is down one trait
against all other opponent's physical challenges that
round. Only at the beginning of a new combat round
can the target be switched. An additional temporary willpower
expenditure is required each time the target is

Used in an artistic performance or dance, it is ST
discretion whether this would be appropriate or not.
For example a stripper on a pole would work well, but
not an orator giving a speech. If applicable, it
grants an additional virtual level to the performance
on that target only. The performance level may not cross above generational maximum. ( i.e. If normally it is danced
with a performance level of three, that target
perceives it as a four.)

Cost: 9XP


Requirements: Dominate 2; Presence 3 (Toreador only)

MET Rules: The character must enter a trance while observing art.
Within one hour or one sceneafter the trance ends, the

player must make a Static Mental Challenge against a

difficulty equal to double the desired trait's permanent

value. If successful, he may add one Trait to Self-

Control, Conscience or Courage. This Trait remains

for remander of one hour or scene. Only one Virtue

can be increased at a time. When a Kindread uses

Bliss to steel another's resolve, the player makes a

Static Mental Challenge against a difficulty equal to

double the target Virtue; plus one. ( Book: Revised Toreador Clanbook

Pg: 73)

Cost: 7XP

Under the Skin

Requirements: Auspex 3 ; Presence 3 (Toreador only)

MET Rules: Masters of social persuasion must know what makes

others tick. By engaging another in conversation for at

least two minutes, the Toreador can discern weaknesses

in the presence of his subject, and exploit them. By

spending a willpower and besting his target in a social

challenge, the Toreador unleashes an assault of

particularly painful banter which causes his mark to

make a self-control test with a penalty of one virtue

trait. If the target wins the challenge, she storms out. If

she loses, she enters frenzy

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