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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-May-2006 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 15-May-2006 1:00AM EDT

Proposal: Single-Blooded Giovanni to be placed in the Rare Category and PC-sired Single-Blooded Giovanni placed in the Unusual Category.
Proposed by: Joshua Manning: CiET ST/CM and Giovanni Coordinator

Venice has begun to send only Double-bloods to the US. The Single-bloods are staying in Venice. Thus, the Giovanni Single-bloods in the US are becoming more rare. Single-blooded Giovanni will be defined as members of the mortal Giovanni line who were embraced by someone of the Giovanni Clan and mortal lineage. I would also like to state that Giovanni single-bloods who are already in play are grandfathered in. This makes it more difficult and prestigious to be a single-blooded Giovanni as it should be. It also forces people who would like to play single-blooded Giovanni to play a proxy (Giovanni ghoul) before coming into play if they'd like to avoid the vote. It will encourage the playing of Proxies and mortal Giovanni and they will have to earn their embrace ICly. That way the Giovanni proxy will have to be good and impress the Giovanni Vamps to get embraced AND get permission from Venice for said embrace.

Joshua Manning
Giovanni Coordinator
tpo Devon Cage
tpo Gregory Jackson

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