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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 26-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 03-Dec-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Duncan WyleyApplicant Email: dunx@owbn.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: Auckland
Support From:


Hmmm... experience traits...
21 years of RP experience in a number of different systems and genre.
Started playing MET when it hit the shelves here in the "grey box."
Twice-published White Wolf MET author, if that counts for anything. Second
actual book hits the shelves early next year. Good relations with the company
Joined OWBN in mid-1996
Told to be Malkavian Coordinator within a year - apparently I was insane enough
to handle it. Still Malk after all these years...
Head Coordinator for 2+1/2 years. Egads.

Considerable personal contact with a number of different OWBN games in three
different countries, as well as having met folx from at least one other. (Gotta
get to Canada and Brasil properly one of these daze...) Props to those who
spared me a place to sleep in amongst it all :o)

Personal Statement:

First, where's Danse Macabre's entry in the Reference listings? I'm fairly sure
my own chronicle will support my application ;o) Listed Auckland as being my
closest "home chronicle" but it isn't, as much as I like them.

Prior to re-apping, I had doubts about whether I wanted another year of this
rigmarole, but the overwhelming support of a number of Malkavian players
and "gentle nudges" from STs and Council Members has convinced me to throw the
jester's hat into the ring again.

I have a good record of working alongside chronicles to achieve their
expectations in terms of this position and OWBN - primarily in terms of
Justicar-level interaction, but also in terms of the Malks' Eye Theater, if you
will. Hopefully my reputation for fairness and impartiality in game matters
continues to hold.

I'm currently involved in several plots in multiple cities - West Coast Sabbat,
Iowa Ravnos Praxis, SMD Ordeals, The Connecticut Connection, et al. I developed
a well-known (and loved?) stable of NPCs to handle much of the administrivia of
the justicar-level plots thus far, as well as a couple of enigmas, some less
well-known than others.

I was involved in the further shaping and development of the Malkavian Madness
Network and gave guidelines/suggestions for how it can be handled on a game and
international level (with mixed reviews).

One of the most wonderful things about working in this position is the pure
variety of characters that evolve from the Malkavian Blood. The term "Malkavian
Coordinator" is often up there with "military intelligence" and "Microsoft
Works" some days. Most of the time this role is one of a caretaker rather than
a coordinator. The sheer chaos of so many different creatures often precludes
any real direction for the clan, but somehow the players have managed to meld
the clan into some loose form of Family, much as the new clanbook suggests in
can sometimes be. Like any family it has its outcasts, its parental figures and
its infants and somehow they all seem to tolerate each other to some degree. I
would like to see some multi-chronicle coordinated NPC usage with elder
Malkavians or neonate-level seers (ala Anatole style)

But damn, at times I wish I could PLAY a Malk - then I could be /alongside/ the
excellent people who have made OWBN's Malkavians the beautiful monstrosities
they are today.

There's probably more I could add, but I have limited access time on the net at
present... that situation shall be rectified as quickly as possible. Any
questions can be directed to dunx@owbn.org



Applicant Name: Jennifer Lewkowicz
Applicant Email: Auriellis@owbn.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: Kenosha
Support From:
Green Bay


I started playing Vampire the Masquerade in 1995 in an online game. Since I
started, I was the Malkavian/Tremere/Brujah ST for an online chronicle from May
of 1997 to April of 1998.

I've been a member of One World by Night since 1998 actively playing in
multiple chronicles.

In June of 2000, I took over duties as the Webmaster for the OWBN Malkavian
website. I have maintained it ever since.

From October of 2000 to June of 2001, I served as the Administrative ST for
Kenosha: Memento Mori where I created a database of all the characters and
updated it every week.

Administratively, I have worked as a database support manager and an
administrative assistant. I can use virutally any database program put in front
of me.

I think that covers it. As for my references, I only have a few listed but if
you have any questions, put it up on the Council or ST list. Many people know
me well on there. :)

Personal Statement:

Hello everyone! For those of you who don't me, I am currently a player in
Kenosha: Memento Mori and I travel frequently to many games in the midwest. I
currently play Ursula, a Malkavian. I am willing to shelve this character
should I be elected.

Ideas on Coordinators

In the past couple of years in OWBN, I have seen a great many people lose trust
in others. No one seems to trust what their fellow games are doing or what the
coordinators are doing and I would like to see this changed.

One of the reasons is because Storytellers are unaware of what the Coordinators
are doing. I would start reporting on my activities as Malkavian Coordinator as
listed in the Administrative Bylaws (Section 8) and encourage the other
Coordinators to do the same. I would also post my report not just the Head
Coordinator and Assistant Head Coordinator but to the Council and ST lists so
that they are aware of what I am doing.

Another issue that needs to be worked on, which I am quite passionate about is
that Clan Coordinators have become nothing but NPC generators.

There is a bylaw regarding this(Coordinator Bylaws Section 3) which helps quite
a bit because it outlines Coordinator powers but I would like to see the
Coordinators be able to interact with the PCs without having to go through
every ST in OWBN, the council, the HC, the other Coords, and etc.

We need to put some trust into the Coordinators that they will not abuse their
power. Give Coordinators the ability to run small scenes between NPCs and PCs
of their genre (Obviously not some huge OWBN altering scene or anything.) Plus
this can all tie into the Reports :) At the end of the month (or 3) the
coordinator can then report what they have done with whom.

Ideas on Malkavians

As for clan Malkavian, I have run the website for the Malkavians for over a
year now. I am quite familiar with most players in the Malkavian clan who are
on the MMN due to the character database I update on a regular basis. Plus I
have been playing with them for the past two years.

I have a few ideas I would like to see implemented into the Malkavian clan this
year. The MMN has been a subject of wild debate on many lists due to the nature
of it. The MMN is a wonderful listserve and allows for some wonderful
interactions between Malkavian players including images and sounds and
emotions. It's not how the real MMN should be run but the players seem to enjoy
it. I think it should be left how it is and when there is an issue regarding a
post on it, the Coordinator deal with it. The images and emotions sent, for the
most part are only there to add to the flavor of a character.

However, I think since the MMN is a wild joining of minds that occaionally
secrets or strange thoughts could leak out. The Malkavians can't control their
minds or what they think on the MMN. Malkavian Time allows them to sense other
Malkavians on the MMN and to hear the calls of other Malkavians. And Malkavians
can send specified messages over the MMN. But that doesn't mean they
can "magically" stop their own random thoughts from reaching the MMN.

To this end, I think a neat idea to try out is that STs or, if the ST will
allow it, Malkavians send me random thoughts from their characters. These could
be small obscure and non-sensical thoughts or huge secrets the characters are
holding. I would post these on the MMN *BUT* the characters will not be told
who they are from. Kind of like how the MMN works. Weird strange whispers from
strangers in your mind. :) Plus I know the players will love the mystery of it
all, trying to figure out who said these things.

I would like to see more plot for the Malkavians as a whole. Over the past
year, some STs from chronicles have come up with some amazing plots that I
think could have been enhanced or involved more people if the ST talked to the
Coordinator. Some things that happened in one chronicle massively affected the
Malkavian Clan as a whole and I think, in these cases, NPCs of the Coordinator
sould be allowed to interact and guide the clan in a certain direction (they
are Malkavians so two NPCs could have completely different ideas about an
occurance :)) This would make the plots a little more fuller and add more
intrigue to OWBN as a whole.

I think that covers it. I am always full of ideas. These are just a few that I
have been playing around with in my mind for awhile. Don't want to overload
this application too much.

Thank you all for reading this and if you have any questions or wish to talk to
me at all, you can contact me at Auriellis@owbn.org.


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