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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Special)
Opened: 09-Jun-2010 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Jun-2010 1:00AM EDT

The applications are below:

Name: Rojir McCrady

Email Address:

Home Chronicle: Vitae Aeternus, and Night...Falls.

Position Sought: Camarilla Coordinator

Experience, OWbN Administration:

Assistant Head Coordinator, OWbN, Two years

Storyteller, Vitae Aeternus, Baltimore: Dark Harbor (over 8 years, collectively)

Changeling Coordinator, 2 years

Camarilla subcoord (5 years) and Cam Coord Pro Temp (3 months)

Camarilla IC List OWNER

Experience, OWbN Player:

Over the past 12 years, I've played a lot of characters, but I would have to say that the two that stick out the most are my current ones, Johnathan Gwynn (formerly Johnny G, Johnny Giovanni), and Slink X (Nosferatu). While Slink may have been a dirty Camarilla member his whole unlife, Johnathan's recent misfortunes has managed to show both him (and myself) a great insight into how the Elders love to work you over. :)

Personal Statement and Goals:
Hi! My name is Rojir, for those of you who might not know me. I have been a part of this organization since 1998. I have travelled all over North America (Sorry, Brazil!), taking part in games wherever I landed, and have had a great time, experienced a lot of different styles of play, and overall, had a great time.

I feel that we have come a long way from where White Wolf left off. Our desire to continue to experience a shared universe has left a lot of us with questions, some uncertainties about what "the rules" are.

Coordinators are NOT ST's. Each game has its own idea, based on the vision of the Storytellers, about what is "genre" and what "the rules" are. And while I'm all for ST's invoking the Golden Rule, I am definitely in favor of a shared perspective of genre. After all, why network all these games and GAMERS together if we don't want to share an environment?

To that end, it is my intent to work closely with Clan Coordinators (as well as the other Sect Coordinators), to facilitate not so much of an in your face story, but a vivid and dynamic backdrop to place your characters against and enjoy them. An environment created with your ST's (and CM's, we can't forget those hard working CM's) for the characters of OWbN to experience their own personal horrors. The Will of the Elders. Knowing that there's always someone bigger and badder to have to deal with. Creating packets for those just starting with OWbN, helping them get familiar with our own unique Camarilla history. Reworking the Status packet to make it more clear OOC, and hopefully more vague IC (Cause we love those grey areas, don't we?)

Location and Communication:
I live on the East Coast of the United States, just outside of Washington DC, and it's a great place to take care of a lot of things (geospatially located to be good for facilitating work with both the US West Coast AND Jerusalem and Brazil.)

I am online most days for more than 10-12 hours. Yes, I know it's sad. :)

I possess a B.A. from the University of Maryland, College Park, and intend to pursue my M.A. in IT Systems Architecture in the next few years.

Support for this Application

This application is currently supported by:

Baltimore: Dark Harbor (CM Kenny Lull)
Vitae Aeternus (CM Eddie Milham)
Chicago: Dark Requiem (CM Mark Brantner)
Shadows on the Mall (CM Mark Koenig)
Always Comes Evening (CM Lawrence Jacob Siebert)
St. Augustine (Larry the Bruce!)
Capital City Cauldron, Springfield, IL (CM Robert Crosby)


Jeff Hurcomb, Brujah Coordinator
Dan Valandingham, Giovanni Coordinator
Jenn Bahrs, Head Coordinator, OWbN
Stefanie Wuertz, Archivist
Brendan Ammerman, Malkavian Coordinator
Cheri Foster-Dupont, Assamite Coordinator
Joseph Long, Tremere Coordinator
Scott Michalek, Gangrel Coordinator
Eric Broome, Ventrue Coordinator


name: Shane King
home: Obsidian Towers / Thicker Than Blood
job: Camarilla Coordinator
refs: Head Cord: Jenn Bahrs
Admission Cord: Talia Shmuel
Assamite Cord: Cheri Foster
Malk Cord : Brendan A.

Thicker Than Blood
Obsidian Towers
St. Augstine
Jersluem by Night
Crusade of Ashes

I have been gaming in OWBN since 2002 or so. I don't bother keeping track of dates when it comes to things like this so please forgive me for not knowing exactly when I started playing in OWBN. I Have narrated for Obsidian Towers off and on for many years now, as well as took on the mantle of HST for Thicker Than Blood on two separate occasions. I stepped down the first time to provide an IC leader for the game floor, but when the ST I had chosen to replace me had to take a leave of absence from the game, I took the Mantle and ran it for a little over two years straight. The only reason I stepped down after the Palle Grande Event I ran in 2009 was because I did not want to get to the point of Burn Out. I was still good, still loved my game, my genre, but had been running for 2 years straight. It was time to take a break to ensure that I still loved my game, my baby.

I have been in love with White Wolf Storytelling system ever since I first encountered it back in 91 or 92. I have been asked by a few why I think I would make a good Cam cord, since when some think of me they instantly think Sabbat. A comment that I am very flattered by, but it is because of this I will make a good Cam cord. You can run a Cam game and not understand the Sabbat, you can not run a Sabbat game without understanding the Cam. At least this is my personal opinion.

I have virtually every White Wolf book that was ever published, either physical hard copy or PDF purchased off Drive Thru RPG.
statement: I have worked very well with many Coordinators over the years. In particular Bren the current Malkavian Cord, Cheri the Assamite Cord, TJ the former Gangrel Cord, and I was even able to work well with Alan the previous Cam Cord. It is not always easy but I have always been able to work with just about anyone I have to work with.

I believe that this position is one that requires patience, and the ability to see the larger picture. I mention these things here in the personal statement rather than gaming section because I believe that this is something vital for the position I am applying to. I can develop a relationship with the Cords, and the STs of the org, so that things can be worked out rather than the insults of character that we have seen in the past.

This is an Organization that is supposed to be dedicated to a game that we all enjoy. We are people and occasionally our tempers flare but if we remember at the end of the day this is to have fun.

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