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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 02-Oct-2021 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Oct-2021 12:00AM EDT

As CM for Ashes of Eden, I propose the following changes to the Character Regulations Bylaw section 6.f.


Original idea was amended to include Bygones, and the wording change requested by the Demon Coordinator.


Proposed Addition:

All Characters

All player characters are limited to possessing no more than two of the following power sets:

Disciplines (including blood magic, ritae, blood magic rituals, KJ disciplines, powers and rituals, etc.)

Gifts (including rites)




Numina (taken as a whole including hedge magic/sorcery, rituals based in the same, psychic powers and theurgy)

Arts (including Bestowments granted by the Ritual of Parted Mists, Slivers, Hsien Alchemy and all other Changeling-genre powers)


Qiao (Demon Hunter X)

Bloodline powers (Rom)

Lores (defined as the Fallen power set rather than the ability, including Fallen rituals)

Player characters in OWbN must belong to one of the following groups

            1. Creature types stipulated as PCs in Mind’s Eye Theater Books (example: Yes to garou or kinfolk no to a PC fetish or celestine)

            2. Creature types defined in OWbN packets.

            3. Creature types listed in OWbN rare and unusual listings

            4. Non-supernatural humans.

         5. Custom creature types which follow creation guidelines found in one of the above sources (such as custom kiths for changeling)

All player characters are limited to being only one of the following creature types, except as where noted below:



Changing Breed/Hengeyokai

Vampire-Garou Abominations are separately regulated by Character Bylaw 10.f.i.2.a


Imbued Hunter





Vampire-Garou Abominations are separately regulated by Character Bylaw 10.f.i.2.a


It should not need to be stated, but there is no such thing as Legacy for this proposal.

Reasoning: Because OWbN has made it clear, time and time again, that if something isn’t specifically regulated in the Bylaws, someone’s going to do it.  There was a very recent question posed on Facebook regarding a multi-splat reference, and so I feel it prudent to just close that loophole before it becomes an issue.

Note that this proposal does not regulate Demi-Supernaturals (ghouls, kinfolk, etc), those are covered by their own Bylaws in Section 10 where necessary.  It does not regulate changing creature types either, if you really want to run a story where a Mage goes through a First Change, or an Imbued gets possessed by a Demon, then go ahead but they no longer count as their original character type in any way.


Brad Klinger


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