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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 28-Oct-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 28-Oct-2020 12:05AM EDT







Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw 3.C.iii.5, as the Demon Coordinator, I, David Niemitz, in my duties as said Coordinator, hereby propose the attached Territory be claimed by the Demon Coordinator's office.  Disposition and supporting justification for the Territory is described below.


This proposal carries the potential to autopass.  This proposal carries the support of the Changing Breeds Coordinator.






Geographical Specifics of Responsibility:  Matsés National Reserve, Loreto, Peru


Joint Approval: No


Conditional Approval Parameters - Vampire Backgrounds: Coordinator Notify


Conditional Approval Parameters - Vampire Actions: Coordinator Approval


Conditional Approval Parameters - Changing Breed/Changeling/Mage Backgrounds: Coordinator Notify


Conditional Approval Parameters - Changing Breed/Changeling/Mage Actions:Coordinator Approval


Conditional Approval Parameters - Other Supernatural Backgrounds: Coordinator Notify


Conditional Approval Parameters - Other Supernatural Actions: Coordinator Approval


General Restriction Level (Default Level unless otherwise noted in Conditional Approval Parameters Columns): Coordinator Approval







At player request, the Demon Office has been working with the Changing Breeds Office to conclude the Ebon Legion Unfolds its Wings plot that passed Council in 2016 (http://www.owbn.net/votes/93896).  Up until this point, we have been able to use unclaimed territory to progress the plot toward its conclusion, and to return that unclaimed territory to a neutral state for future use by other Coordinators or games.


After internal discussion, we believe it is necessary to prop for control of a piece of territory in which to run the climax and conclusion of the plot.  We want to ensure that the actions of player characters are able to affect the territory and change its default state.  While the Demon Coordinator at the time propped a plot that took place in the Amazon, he did not prop for any territory in which to run that plot.


The reliquary of Archduke Abaddon is located in a remote part of the Brazillian Amazon, but the precise location is not specified in printed material.  I have chosen to place his reliquary and base of operations in the Matsés National Reserve because 1) there is very little claimed territory in Peru, and no existing games and 2) it is an area set aside and protected from development as of 2009, located in the most sparsely populated department of Peru.  This shift keeps Abaddon in the Amazon, but provides some distance so as to not interfere with Brazillian chronicles and territories.


Abaddon is described in the following printed sourcebooks:
DA: Devil's Due, p. 135-136

DTF: Demon: The Fallen Rulebook, p. 45, 52

DTF: Houses of the Fallen, p. 140-145

DTF: Demon: Earthbound

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