• Regent Gailbraith was assassinated at the 2001 Palla Grande. She was then impersonated by Zachary Sikorsky, a Tzmisce impersonation artist, for fear of his life upon discovering her remains. Zachary Sikorsky being identified as an impersonator by Jalan Aajav. He is destroyed during Palla Grande in 2001, and being publicly blamed for aiding the murderer of the Regent. The 3 candidates mentioned in Mexico City by Night fail to convince the Conisistory and the Black Hand of being appointed to the position.
  • Archbishop Alfred Benzzari of Montreal is politically removed from his dioese of Montreal due to the political scandal with the Librarians and the uncovering of Infernalism in his city (see White Wolf Book: Nights of Prophecy). He is replaced by Ezekiel, Lord of Montreal as the New Archbishop. Signaling a radical shift in the city of Black Miracles from the power of the Sabbat inquisition to the Black Hand. Having lost his position in the Sabbat clergy Alfred Benzzari instead once again takes up his mantle of Judge Inquisitor. New York City does not and has not fallen to the Camarilla. The last bastion of the Camarilla, Wall Street, falls to the Sabbat


  • The Sabbat Inquisition burned a trail through Ohio removing infernal taint, leaving only one pack alive in the aftermath.


  • During the Nonclave event the Sabbat took three eastern seaboard domains from Camarilla, including Atlantic City, NJ. This was a great tactical victory for the Sabbat lead by Sascha Vykos.


  • During Festivo of 2007, three Status Quo Prisci of the same pack announced their candidacy for the Regent position.
    • Alfonso Furtunado - Lasombra.
    • Theodore Laurent - Toreador Antitribu.
    • William Guarant - Tzimisce.
  • Black Hand Seraphim Izhim ur-Baal, Elimelech the Twice Damned, and Djuhah go missing
  • Rumors of the return of Cardinal Dark Selina of New England have started to occur. A schism begins to form between those loyal to Cardinal Polonia of the East Coast and those loyal to Cardinal Dark Selina of New England.


  • Status Quo Tzimisce Priscus William Guarant is chosen as the new Regent of the Sabbat.
  • Jalan-Aajav becomes first Seraph of the Black Hand and appoints the following new acting Seraphim to the Black Hand:
    • Kazimir Savostin - Tzimisce Koldun
    • Yazid Tamari - Assamite Antitribu
    • Banjoko - Lasombra
    • Teresita - Nosferatu Antitribu
  • With the fall of Manchester New Hampshire to the Sabbat, Cardinal Dark Selina is revealed by Cardinal Polonia to be nothing more then Dark Selina's former Paladins claiming her return and abusing her power. As a result all but one is slain, the survivor being made Archbishop of Manchester New Hampshire. As a result of the fall of the city as well as the former supporters of Dark Selina having been made fools, a new Sabbat Faction arises from the ashes. Claiming the name of the Fabians from the second civil war, these Sabbat see the religion of the sect as the most important aspect. They attract numerous Sabbat Clergy and Converts from the Camarilla, they are found appealing due to their distinct lack of disdain for all things monstrous for the sake of being monsters.


  • With the fall of New Haven Connecticut, New England becomes the largest and strongest Sabbat Strong hold in the United States, with constant reinforcements sent from Montreal and New York City that border the territory. Leaving Portland Maine and Hartford Connecticut as the only sanctuaries for the Camarilla. A pack of elders and founders of the Sect take up residence throughout New England, collectively known as the Kronsdat pack, they manage and manipulate the whole of the Sabbat of New England.


  • Ventrue Antitribu Legend Dominique is declared a heretic by Inquisitor Alfred Benzzari former Archbishop of Montreal. Dominique flees Ohio in search of help to clear her name.
  • Staten Island of New York City falls to the Sabbat, finally giving the Sabbat absolute control over all of New York City.
  • Tremere Justicar Anastasz Di Zagreb and his archons are killed by the combined forces of the Sabbat of New England, New York, and Virginia. Cardinal Polonia rewards several Sabbat for the act as well as claims to be the master mind behind it. Also, ashes of this Justicar were "regifted" to the Camarilla at their global conclave held in Maryland and a personal letter from the Cardinal was included.
  • At a grand gathering Mexico City it is revealed to all the Regent William Guarant has been corrupted by the Infernal menace beneath Mexico City. Priscus Venere Carboni, with the backing of the Black Hand, removed Guarant as Regent and leads the Sword of Caine in destroying the ancient infernal threat beneath the city. After the fight Venere Carboni is chosen as the New Regent of the Sabbat by the Sabbat Consistory, despite the misgivings of the Prisci Charles VI and Szechenyi Jolan. The fist rumblings of Civil War between the Factions begins.
  • Additionally, at the grand meeting in Mexico City, Dominique is cleared of all charges by the Inquisitor General Maria Sandoza, and welcomed back into the Sabbat.
  • The elders of the Black Hand return. The new Seraphim are chosen by the Regent and are as follows.
    • Dastur Anosh
    • Waynan
    • Jalan-Aajav
    • Teresita
  • At Palla Grande in New York City, the heads of the Sabbat Factions meet to discuss the future of the Sabbat. In the resulting discussion, no one can agree on anything as tensions rise and the meetings ends with no resolution. The factions begin to prepare for another Civil War.


  • The Sabbat arrive in New Orleans for the Convention of Fire, which results in the following document between the Camarilla and Sabbat: Convention of Fire
  • Following a discovery by mortal archaeologists in Africa in the ancient city of Carthage, Brujah all over the world, for one month, are prone to fits of uncontrollable rage and anger.
  • Cainites begin appearing all around the globe who claim to be Elders, from the time of the original city of Carthage. These Cainites begin to be referred to as Neo-Carthaginians, in reference to their idyllic belief that they could re-create the life they had in Carthage where the Cainites and Kine lived openly among one another.
  • The Forces of the Infernal under the command of an ancient Cainite named Moloch, awoken during the excavation of Carthage, storm out of their hiding places and begin to appear in almost every corner of the world. Some of the more notable of these are Hadrien, Amr Sin, Marhabal, and Aralu.
  • Cardinal Juan Rodriguez Y Cortez de la Baja, Announces that the Sabbat-held city of San Diego, CA has fallen out of Sabbat hands while fighting a war on two fronts, against the Camarilla, and the invading forces of the Infernal.
  • Regent Venere Carboni calls for a meeting of the Sabbat in Mexico city, where it is discovered that Pascal Deveraux du Septamaine, Cardinal of the Southern United States has secretly been transformed into a Baali. The Sabbat quickly move to destroy Septamaine while en route to Mexico City.
  • Anka, Priestess of Thornes is named Cardinal of the Southern United States. Anka relocates to Miami, FL shortly thereafter.
  • Cardinal Juan Rodriguez Y Cortez de la Baja joins the ranks of the Prisci and is replaced by Cardinal Angelica.


  • Monty Coven ascends to Cardinal of the Middle East.
  • Cardinal Juliano da Ribeira of Brazil ascends the ranks of the Prisci. He is replaced by two new cardinals as the growth of sabbat in South America continues. Andrew of Normandy, and Liseta Iluminada replace him.
  • The collective forces opposed to the Infernal Plague that is sweeping the globe, unite in one moment to descend upon Moloch and his forces. The unified force of the Children of Caine are successful in stopping Moloch. The world rejoices in his defeat, but many fear he was not destroyed, and this was only the beginning.

Sabbat Timeline